Ask The Person Below A Question !!!

  1. Ask the person below a question : Ill start,

    Which bag is on your wish list ? :love:
  2. a fuschia hermes baby birkin in ostrich leather with guilloche hardware :love::love::love: and a hippo lock

    what's the discontinued bag you'd give anything to get your hands on?
  3. Discontinued bag = something, anything, from the Gucci dragon line


    Which is your most special bag in your collection??
  4. It's a tie between the first Lancel and the small red Prada messenger, both gifts from my late mother.


    Would you go through a personal shopper to find your dream bag?
  5. my red ferragamo bag....

    which bag among your collection r u not ever going to part with?
  6. That would definetely be my Balenciaga Apple City!

    Which bag do you plan on purchasing next?
  7. Damier speedy and Epi Jasmine in Mandarin.

    Which bag in your current collection that you rarely use?
  8. I use them all!! I have a great rotation system :biggrin:

    What bag do you think is the worst 'IT' bag??
  9. BBag :shame: Is that one? Sorry if you love the BBag, as long as you're happy I'm happy for you. I think they have really gorgeous colors, the style just isnt for me.

    Do you splurge on bags a lot? Or do you patiently wait and save up for your next purchase?
  10. Patiently wait and save.

    Do you ever have "buyers remorse" after a particularly expensive bag?
  11. No, LOL, never. I love my bags ;)

    What is the most you have spent on a purse (just one lol)
  12. Do you get tired of your purses easily?
  13. I used to get tired of my bags rather quickly. But I recently bought a B-Bag and I just love it. I am sure I am going to keep it... at least for awhile...

    When did you buy your first designerbag?
  14. I've been pretty good. I've never spent over $1000 on a purse, but I've started liking Chanel, so soon I may be spending more :cry:

    How often do you buy new purses?
  15. ^ Whenever I get bored... which is usually every month or two

    Q: What is your fav food ever?? ;)