Ask me anything about having lunch with Pursegrrl today

  1. We didn't take pics but she did get to see that it's really true that bears sh*t in the woods! :roflmfao:
  2. Did she high stick you to the face?
  3. No, it wasn't necessary :roflmfao:

    .......since last Monday I opened the door of my new SUV on my head... and am now recovering from two stitches in the forehead.

    DOH!! :p
  4. Ha silly girl. First move head, then open door.
  5. :noggin:
  6. I once smashed my nose in a car door - and my nose ain't that big!! I think I got off easier than Roo though.

    So where did you guys go to lunch? (did I miss a thread?).
  7. Anyone remember that old thread in here about whether granite will still be in style a few years from now? Well, Roo and I went to tile, flooring and granite mecca today! (Thanks, R!) And when in Tukwila the Olive Garden is a don't miss.

    And yep, a bear does sh*t in the woods...I've seen it IRL ladies! To clarify, the sh*t, not the bear. Pics of the bear were enough :wtf:.
  8. LOL!! too funny (the bear) That's great you ladies had a good time out today!:smile:
  9. Poor Pursegrrl, she also got accosted by my dog... the little wombat canine was all over her the minute she walked in... this dog only has two speeds: "on" and "off" :rolleyes: :roflmfao:
  10. Oh be a fly on the wall at that lunch LOLOL
  11. A few tidbits of the convo included:

    -politics :noggin:

    -death :sad:

    -grandmas :flowers:

    -MEN and how they act like victims :rolleyes:

    -botox :borg1:

    I think we pretty much covered it all :p


  12. Cuddles the bear says to tell you "hi" sweetie ;)
  13. awww love cuddles:heart:
  14. Sounds like you had fun :smile:
  15. Sounds like you gals had great fun...and granite rocks!:rochard: