Ask for suggestions: my 1st Chanel bag

  1. Hi there,

    Can anyone give me a suggestion? I just wanna buy my 1st Chanel bag... (prefer shoulder bag)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi, tell us a little bit about you ...your lifestyle.... jeans or business suits all the time?
  3. Hi IceEarl,

    I look young (but actually not too young). I'm a full time mommy who likes to wear causal-wear / cutie clothes.
  4. Well, you cannot go wrong with a flap, but as a mum and wanting a shoulder bag, how about a GST (grand shopping tote)

    This was my first Chanel purchase and its fabulous for every day use :smile:

    will go find a piccie
  5. Hmmm... for 1st Chanel, usually the members here start with classic pieces, if you like totes, the petite shopping tote(PST) and Grand shopping tote(GST) are good choices, and cambon totes and medallion totes are fun IMHO..

    ... if you like flaps, classic Jumbo flaps are chic and trendy... reissue flaps are my favorite, but they might not be roomy enough for your kid's stuff..

    These bags come in the classic colors like black and beige.... there are also some other seasonal colors too but a bit difficult to come by..

    Do check out the Chanel Reference Library for all those gorgeous photos, you'll have a better idea on what you would like for your first...

    Maybe some mummy members here can give you more suggestions...good luck.
  6. gst piccie here :smile:

  7. classic jumbo flap is chic and trendy. i did not realize it until i tried one yesterday. i thought it will looks too big on me but actually perfect..
    also, gst or pst is good option !! depends how much you want to carry during daytime.. good luck!
  8. IceEarl , Chloe-babe & Minnie04,

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. :yes:
    GST looks great:tup:, but I would like to get a small size of Chanel. Actually I have some tote bags in big size.
    But a bit interesting on the one you're talking about~ classic Jumbo flap................ maybe it's too big as well, but really want to have a look on it... can anyone show me, please?

    Again, thanks for all your generous help!!!
  9. what about black mini lambskin flap? will it be a good choice?
    gold chain or silver chain is better?
  10. Thanks a lot, IceEarl,

    Will go through the topics tomorrow............. quite tired now... just studied 109 pages of "Your Chanel in action"....:sleepy: Thanks again!!
  11. haha....good night!
  12. Don't limit to the jumbo size. Perhaps the medium/large. When my kid was young and I was toting kid stuff, I sure as heck didn't use a Chanel bag for his stuff.

    The medium/large fits a wallet, checkbook, lipstick, keys and that's pretty much it. Black is a great color as it goes with jeans or dress up. I prefer lamb as it can be casual or move to dressier occasions with ease, and dirt, etc. does not show on black. If it's a lighter color: white, beige, etc. then choose caviar. Wipe it down with a baby butt wipe and it's good to go again.

    No matter which style you choose, let your heart guide you and you won't go wrong. I find choosing easier when you can try them on, touch them, etc. Can't wait to see what you'll choose :smile: Good luck hunting!
  13. what about the black metallic reissue in 226 or 227?