Ask Charles!

  1. I've been wanting to start this thread for a loooong time and since I know he is logged on right now, I thought I would begin. (and Charles you can check in whenever you like - its not like I can give you a job here or anything but it would be nice to come to a thread to ask you about different crap....)

    here goes:

    1) can a car backfire just sitting in your driveway after you've driven it for a couple of hours straight (like from a long trip?)

    2) why can I login to my facebook page on my Mac and not my PC?
  2. crap. I think he left.

  3. if charles actually comes in this would be the best thread!
  4. What an excellent idea! I have a question---why do you men care so much about how the lawn looks? It's just grass!
  5. LOL! I am not Charles (obviously ;) ) but can answer number 1)

    From personal experience - Yes, it can (and scares the life out of you!)
    I think it's something to do with the timing and mixture: ie - it needs servicing!
  6. I know I'm not Charles but the answer to the first question is yes. If there is any unburned fuel that gets into the hot (from the car having been driven) exhaust it will ignite and cause the loud boom sound that you hear.
  7. OMG! This is soooo funny!
  8. thanks ExPat and lmkhlh2006!
  9. Charles,

    Why do men (some men I should add) clam up and disappear when they're upset about something? Why why why??? I have to TALK and find out and hash everything out - every little detail - yet he just goes into his shell. WHY???

    Just going through a tough time right now. I might not have even made sense. I just need a man's opinion as to why men are perfectly fine ignoring issues when we (women) need to TALK.

  10. I have another car question (not that Charles needs to know about cars, just because he is male...). What causes an older car to idle so low that when you first start it up it can just peter out and stall? Can the idle level be increased to avoid that - you know, like turning up the volume on something?
  11. he'd better log on again real quick!
  12. Haha funny!
  13. Oh dang. I was just going to ask how can I get my husband to mow the lawn every weekend. I like it when it's all neat and tidy and you can see the lines like on a freshly vacuumed carpet but DH says every week is too much.
  14. Yes the idle can be adjusted on an older car that is carbureted (not fuel injected). Does this only happen when the car is cold? Once the car is warmed up does it stop doing this? (you start it first thing in the morning and go through this process, drive to the store and run in to grab something and then the car fires back up with no problem). If it is only happening when the car is cold then it could be an issue with the choke.
  15. this is hysterical.

    ok charles, one for you-

    1. do you love purses? why are you on this blog?

    2. why is it ok for my fiance to drop over $1,000 on a suit but yet he balks when i consider a $1,000 handbag? I mean the heandbag will clearly get more use than his silly suit!