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  1. Ever wonder how we guys really work? I have read various g/f's Cosmos and a lot of what is in there to tell you how we work is total bull!

    I am probably as typical of a guy as you can think of. I watch sports, love fast cars, drink, party and have told girls whatever they want to hear to get into their pants... in the past of course, when I was young and reckless. I'm 24 now, much more sensitive.

    So go at it girls, don't be shy.
  2. Have you ever watch an entire programme on television, or do you endlessly flip through the channels? And, why do you guys do that anyway?
  3. ROFL!!!! So true. See the problem in this case are the commercials. Of course we can watch an entire program in one sitting, but when commercials come on it is just impossible to keep focused. It is then when we start flipping, and of course you know what happens then, we find something interesting and get distracted from the original program. Imagine a puppy looking at something like a bug and is all focused, now throw a ball the other way and the puppy runs after it. Same concept. :wlae:
  4. What's the best German branded car and why ?

    Actually, you and I already know the answer.. although I thoroughly enjoyed the Stuttgart museum. Can't beat this prototype carver.

  5. Ahhh, the good old CHICKENFOOT in it's whole glory :rochard:
  6. So you were probably referring to MB being the best german car, seeing how I have the two pictured in my sig. But actually, out of all German cars like Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, etc... the absolute best has got to be the TRABANT!!!!
  7. I met a guy last weekend & it took him over one week to call me, why is that?
  8. Um, I would just like to say that since you are only 24, you will look at everything differently in around 10 years. What you think about life today will certainly not be what you think about at 34.

    Also, just remember that you are only one opinion, and that there are many other men in the world who might feel differently than you about women, cars, "getting into girls pants", etc.

    So, I don't think you can speak for all men, but, just yourself.

    Sorry, this is coming from the (someday soon) Psycology professor in me.
  9. Now, see... when the commercials come on I get up and do some task which needs to be done. When the programme comes back on, I return to the television. Sometimes, I do forget about the TV once I've started on a task or chore, though. Only slightly more focused than the puppy chasing a ball.:yes:
  10. What's with the tighty whiteys? Do blueballs exist or is it an urban legend? Sorry, had a little wine.
  11. if you are a completely normal guy, then... Why are you even on this forum?? lol

    so i guess my question is... what do guys think about chubby girls?
  12. Why dont guys get the concept to tidyness. Why must you have piles of papers, junk etc. laying all around that you havent touched for months and as soon as it gets put away or thrown away you have an attack???!:hysteric:
  13. Three possibilities. One, the guy is ultrashy and it actually took him a whole week of... *dial number*listen to first ringsignal*hang up*cry* until he could finally hear out the signal a few times until you answered.

    Two, he tries to not seem too excited by calling you back right away so you don't think he's being losery.

    Three, he just doesn't care about you or just plain doesn't give a sh*t about anything. In this case, plans he had with another girl fell through and he remembered some hot chick from last week.

    ... wow, this is deep
  14. Hmm 24 year old guy... fits my age demographic perfectly LOL.

    Okay so why do most guys hate or pretend to hate formal events? You'd think it'd be fun to dress up really nice and go to a fancy restaurant for dinner & then a nice hotel for dancing!
  15. Heres my question:
    Are you a desperate guy looking to pick up chics on a purse forum?
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