Aside from Twillys...


Jun 23, 2011
Are there any other options to protect the handles of my Birkin?

My first was black, so I wasn't as concerned. But my newest one is orange and I'm worried about my skins oil, moisturizer (tho I haven't been putting any on when carrying the bag), or even sweat on a hot day staining my handles.

I know I'm probably being neurotic - but I am very cautious about my bags - which is why I tend to buy black, it's more forgiving IMO.

Any advice/tips? For the ladies who carry their B's with no twilly, do you even have the issue I'm
Describing above? It's quite possible I'm making a big to do about nothing (as usual) :smile:

Thanks ladies!!!


Sep 17, 2008
Jadeite is correct - I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it's in box or any of the exotics. I have an orange B35 in Clemence that I've had for 8 years now and the handles are just fine and haven't stained. I do have twillys on all of my other bags that are lighter in color. I guess cause i've never had problems I haven't bothered looking for twillys to go with it.