Aside from the Noe, this is another epi that has caught my eye!

  1. Hi everyone, I have fallen in love with another epi bag...:love:

    I was just browsing among some epi bags and I noticed the Mandara PM/MM/GM. I have never seen this bag IRL and was wondering if you could please post pics of yourself wearing this bag. I haven't seen any visual aides of this bag after doing a search. the shape is so beautiful and unique to me, and on elux and vuitton, it says that you can wear it on the shoulder or across the body (in the MM/GM size) this so? does anyone have pics to share wearing the bag (shoulder, across the body,anysize) ? thank you!! I'd really appreciate it!!:yes:
    Epi Mandara MM Mandarin.jpg Epi Mandara MM Myrtille.jpg Epi Mandara MM Black.jpg Epi Mandara MM Red.jpg Epi Mandara PM Mocha.jpg
  2. I saw a woman carrying it on the subway and I fell in love- it looks like the perfect handbag to carry everything you need for a day. I don't think it would fit a large agenda, but the woman was obviously on her way to work and wasn't carrying a briefcase or anything else.
  3. hi janos, thanks! you know what size she had? maybe a PM then??