Aside from the basics, how do U know what will be sold at eluxury vs. boutique only?

  1. I ask this because I do not live near a LV boutique or dept. store that carries them. I like some of the upcoming spring bags (I think):shrugs: , but would at least like the opportunity to see a nice, clear image of the bag from a website like eluxury, where I can look at different angle, etc. rather tahn buying it sight-unseen over the phone from a boutique. So is there any ryhme or reason to which bags go to eluxury?
  2. I live near a boutique, a Saks installation and keep a tab on elux.
    that how.
  3. rhyme or reason? yes. what will be crazy popular and classic will be on elux. the not so hot sales don't go over so well.
  4. elux usually doesnt have limited stuff, i think in the long run it will just be better for you to order it over the phone and if you like it, keep it in perfect mint condition so if you decide you dont want it, return it.
  5. For the most part, Elux gets seasonal but not LE peices
  6. I think eLux should be able to sell a very limited quantity of LE pieces for those people that don't have a boutique near them...
  7. ITA:yes:
  8. Problem is... it only seems to be on eLuxury AFTER no one wants them at the boutiques! Like the chain-link bags... :push:
  9. :yes:
    Sometimes you can see in the look book that the item will be going to elux. That can always change though, because the Miroir was supposed to go to elux but never did for obvious reasons.
  10. ^ ITA :yes: