aside from handbags, what other Chanel items do you purchase?


Dec 5, 2010
I buy Chanel makeup (LOVE the Jous Contraste blushes), shoes (espadrilles and ballet flats), jewelry (CC earrings and brooches), and love the sunglasses though i do not own a pair yet. i don't own any Chanel clothing.


Oct 2, 2010
Only bags and couple sunglasses really so far.

Oh, and very few makeup items over the years (I haven't really found anything I'm crazy about- skin I prefer Sulhwasoo, which is a high-end Korean brand, and for color I prefer makeup-only brands like Urban Decay, Smashbox, Kat Von D, etc. Also love to play w/ cheaper Korean brands!)

If I could paint my own nails though I would totally buy Chanel nail polishes. I adore so many of the colors- I stalk the thread in Nailcare section regularly!

I am getting my first piece of costume jewelry next week though- which is very out of character for me as I don't really wear jewelry, but looking at all the pretty blings here got me wanting just a lil' piece hehehe :P
Apr 9, 2015
I LOVE their lipsticks and sunglasses !!! So, bags, sunglasses, SLG's and lipsticks [emoji173]️[emoji173]️... Have a couple of their scarves and shoes but not a total convert on these! Still on the fence about them! Prefer other brands more for shoes and scarves!