Aside from black and beige, what COLOR is a "must have"?

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  1. :smile:

    Hi, ladies! Wishful thinking on my part here, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on colors on Chanel?

    I have a black and beige bag (black double flap and beige GST) and honestly, it will be a while before I can afford another Chanel but as early as now, I am already dreaming of the day!

    What color do you feel should be next? Help me hone my vision! :P

    Blue, red? Multicolor? Something shocking? Pink? Let me know!

    Or for those ladies who have a lot of colors, which colored flap do you reach out for most?

  2. Red
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    Last edited: May 19, 2016
    I have a blue square mini! Love it!

    I didn't get red because I already have a Birkin in that color. I love red/blue or purple as a pop of color. It depends on the palette of your wardrobe. Some colors would be easier than the others.

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  4. Red for sure.
  5. Red!:P
  6. Red!!! then Blue and White :smile:
  7. Def red!
  8. Red gets my vote for sure!!
  9. Red for sure! After that I'd say it depends on where you live. I'm in the south so white is a wearable about 7-9 months out of the year. After white I'd get blue.
  10. I agree. I live in North Europe, our spring and Summers are short. So I would pic a red, grey or taupe.
  11. Red =)
  12. Red or blue (you have to choose the perfect shade in each color, they are not always available, so its good to have an open mind).
  13. Red for sure!
  14. Red is the ultimate esp when you find your special red from Chanel
  15. Red :smile: