Asia's Richest Woman, Nina Wang Dies

  1. so lucky!
  2. Huh ???
  3. She truly was a fascinating woman.
  4. She was such a fascinating woman.
  5. Aside from being a wealthy and powerful woman, from the pictures she seemed to truly enjoy her life. Some of those's something a person cannot fake.
  6. her nickname was lil sweetie... wow shocking... I wonder where her money goes since she have no kids...
  7. wow 69 thats young in my opinion.
  8. yeah, i thought the same. :crybaby:
  9. I agree, for being the supposed richest woman in asia, she looks very humble and very happy & content with her life. :smile:
  10. ITA. RIP Mrs. Wang.

  11. To be dead?:shrugs:

    I agree with you guys, she seems like a fascinating person.
  12. May she rest in peace....
  13. I agree. RIP Nina Wang.