Asians - How do you makeup your eyes?

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  1. Eye makeup has always been *eehhhhh* for me. I have a teeny double eyelid and haven't really tried anything more than liquid black eyeliner. I'm interested in new ideas but I don't know where to start!! I find most of the eye makeup tips that I come across don't really work for me.

    Any tips?? Pictures would be helpful :smile:

    Thanks :heart:
  2. i have a small double-lid as well. i've posted a couple photos in the FOTD thread-let me see what i can dig up so you don't have to dig through all the pages although there are lots of great looks there :P.
  3. I like Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Smoke is much softer than eyeliner, which tends to be kinda harsh looking. Just use a flat brush.
  4. You can use a dark shadow to create the illusion of a deep crease, kind of like this:

  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    i'm wearing false lashes in the first and last pictures. i think it's really important to curl your lashes as it really opens up the eye area. there are a few more eye photos in the FOTD thread and you can definitely see the difference between the days that i took the time with my curler and those days i didn't.
  6. That's similar to my look for today. I have a neutral sparkly beige shade all over the lids, darker shade on the outer 1/3 of the eyelids (like in the photo, but not as stretched out to the temples...just a little wider than the lid), and a light shade on inner 1/3 of my lids. I blended out the outer darker shade over to the crease (also like in the photo, but in our case...I guess the top of our eyeball?) to create an illusion of depth. I think this is crucial in making your eyes look bigger!

    And then I topped it off with the usual eyeliner and mascara. I love makeup!
  7. I've been wanting to try false lashes -- they look GREAT on you! And best of all, they look so natural! Prettyyyyy :heart:.
  8. I agree. I like the "natural" look more. Sparkles and really dark shades really do not work well during the day which is most of the time for me anyway...
    I usually don't wear eyeliner, but I got Shiseido's Cream eyeliner today and I *think* I just got this the "trick" right today lol (see pix). I guess I'll have to add the eyeliner step in between 2 and 3 once in a while lol.
    I used:
    I. Shiseido's Hydro Powder in Lemon Sugar on the inside and Bare pink on the outisde (you don't really see it well in the pic cuz I was really trying to test out the cream liner, but the shadows look gorgeous in real life!)
    II. Shiseido's Cream Eyeliner in Brown used with Chanel's lining brush
    III. Lancome's Fatale in Black



    Here's how I do my eyes most of the time:

    1. Lancome's Colour Dose or Shiseido's Hydro Powder eye shadow/base: smear on with my finger tips, doesn't need to be accurate.

    2. MAC or Lancome's eye shadow: I usually use 1-3 shades of browns or purples (not both colours at the same time! lol) with a sponge applicator and I'll get the result like in my avatar pic where I used only one shade of brown. At other times, I use my Chanel brushes for shadowing, blending, lining...etc.

    3. Curl lashes and use Lancome Fatale or Hypnose mascara
  9. claire thanks for posting the photo-it's really beautiful! peach i've tried this look so many times but for some reason i can never get it quite right. but i'm determined to try again, so will be printing out the photo and pasting it onto my vanity mirror :P.

    thanks! the first pair are MAC's, and the last are Ardell's. they're both demis as i feel like they fit my eyes better and tend to look more natural.

    and awong i just wanted to add that i almost always do a lighter color over the entire lid, and then a darker coordinating color in the outer V.
  10. Ohhh, which MAC ones? When you say demis, do you mean they are only go on the outer corners?

    I've heard good things about Ardell lashes, so should I not even bother with MAC? I've never tried them, so I don't know if I should spend a lot on lashes or not!
  11. I thought it was beautiful too! :girlsigh:

    I think Peach is right that the trick is to make the "crease" at the top of the eyeball. My grandmother has been using that trick for as long as I can remember and her eyes always look *huge* !

    I found this other pic on where a girl did the same thing, but as a smoky eye. I think this one is really pretty too...

  12. You should check Youtube there are several ladies with videos and step by step instructions.
  13. they're a half strip, so they only go from the outer corner of my eye to about the middle of my eye.

    these are the MAC ones i have on in the first pic. [​IMG]

    and these are the Ardell lashes i have on in the last one. [​IMG]

    i have to admit that i prefer the MAC ones athough they cost almost as much as three pairs of the Ardell's. the ardell demis are much longer than the MAC's and pretty much cover my whole eye, but in an add way--and yes i know i can easily solve this problem by cutting them :P. and i can't quite put my finger on why, but my eyes just look better with the MAC's on. but having said that, i'll continue to buy both MAC and Ardell lashes because they're both very nice.