Asians & Hermes

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  1. Nualphan Lamsam.
    panglamsam - BtqlElBHII8_BtqlEfOHaBj.jpg panglamsam - BtqlElBHII8_BtqlEfOno_f.jpg panglamsam - BtqlElBHII8_BtqlEfPHxkA.jpg panglamsam - BtqlElBHII8_BtqlEfQnX-G.jpg panglamsam - BtqlElBHII8_BtqlEfRHvim.jpg
  2. Aim Pintongta.
    aimpintongta - Bti-kiNhq1m_Bti-kdohtFL.jpg
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  3. Piyapas Bhirombhakdi.
    piyapas - BtKtnaUAUUN_BtKtnVhgWs7.jpg
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  4. Au Skulthai.
    au_skulthai - BtsHGWWFv-Q.jpg au_skulthai - BtuaqbSlslr.jpg
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  5. Jamie Chua.
    iamjamiechua - Btv3a-jlv5U_Btv3a6MF1l6.jpg
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  6. Nualphan Lamsam.
    panglamsam - BtueLtBnjMO_BtueLqOnm9-.jpg panglamsam - BtueLtBnjMO_BtueLqOHT5Q.jpg
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  7. From instagram -akko3839 adore etoupe

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  9. LOL - instagram keeps feeding me these gorgeous women with their H.... Somehow instagram really knows me

    They all look very willowy and tall too (you know the whole leg thing - I think this woman’s are really hers with no stretch)
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  10. I’m loving all the long skirts I’m seeing here!
    Such beautiful and stylish women! :heart::hbeat:
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  11. I don’t think there’s stretch. The way she’s playing with proportions (very short jacket with a long shirt, her arm down, the heels) makes her legs look a mile long.
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  12. You can tell her bottom is stretched because the birkin's proportion is off & her hand is way bigger & longer than her face. Don't feel bad. They may not look like those pictures in real life either.
  13. Au Skulthai.
    au_skulthai - BtzcP07losb.jpg
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  14. Heart Evangelista.
    iamhearte - BtzXz6RBnTx.jpg
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  15. Nualphan Lamsam.
    panglamsam - Btlc5vuHeP_.jpg