Asians & Hermes

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  2. Irene Kim IMG_9942.JPG
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  3. Terri Kwan IMG_9949.JPG
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  4. Aimee Sun IMG_9956.JPG
  5. This picture says it all for anyone who doubts the beauty of a big birkin -- fabulous!
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  6. Jamie Chua.
    ec24m - Br_5AQmA8ad.jpg ec24m - Br1YgqGASjL.jpg ec24m - Br9Srs4gr56_Br9SrpiA73t.jpg ec24m - BryzqGEAgtZ_BryzqEMgs9R.jpg ec24m - BrZOzcxg1jh.jpg
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  7. Jinkee Pacquiao with a Mosaique.
    jinkeepacquiao - Br9El2oHBjx_Br9ElzAH5Pc.jpg
  8. Dsaks.
    dssaaksss - Br956TtHbD5.jpg dssaaksss - BsAvNJxn3cf.jpg
  9. Heart Evangelista.
    iamhearte - Br87fQUhGuc.jpg iamhearte - Br2f8_CB1jW.jpg iamhearte - Br30DYAh0fj_Br30DTkhIkT.jpg
  10. Not quite a sendoff to 2018 on this thread without one last post of this epic duo. Peepy Lee & ABL. :coolio:
    peepy_and_mother_lee - BsAz1zaBC3L.jpg
  11. Terri Kwan IMG_5735.JPG IMG_5736.JPG
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  12. Karen Ng IMG_9974.JPG
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  13. Wow. You just read my mind!!!
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  14. Terri Kwan and Karen Ng are so chic! Love their pics & outfits.
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