Asians & Hermes

  1. Melody Kliu IMG_2216.jpg
  2. Melody Kliu IMG_7373.jpg
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  3. Melody Kliu IMG_7370.jpg
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  4. Rigel Davis IMG_2307.jpg
  5. Yen Yen Sun IMG_7384.jpg IMG_7385.jpg IMG_7388.jpg
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  6. Contributing a wee bit Celia! Thank you!!!


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  7. Serena Chen Liu IMG_1530289441.789148.jpg IMG_2328.jpg IMG_2329.jpg
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  8. Phyllis Quek IMG_2335.jpg IMG_2336.jpg
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  9. Yen Yen Sun IMG_2337.jpg
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  10. Serena Chen Liu IMG_1530509286.236477.jpg
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    Aimee Sun with Friends
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    Elly Lam
    F8B3F737-A99F-42EF-A40F-87D6542F2892.jpeg 9FDB4819-42F9-4BD8-A741-820470065D6E.jpeg 78980C06-5511-4267-8FFC-25C907A70FAD.jpeg
  13. Sehun
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  14. Elly Lam IMG_7409.jpg
  15. Karen Ng IMG_7410.jpg IMG_7411.jpg IMG_7412.jpg IMG_7413.jpg IMG_7414.jpg IMG_7415.jpg
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