Asians & Hermes

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  1. Kim Lim IMG_2181.jpg IMG_2182.jpg IMG_2183.jpg
  2. Serena Chen Liu IMG_2173.jpg IMG_2174.jpg IMG_2175.jpg
  3. Phyllis Quek IMG_2176.jpg IMG_2177.jpg IMG_2178.jpg IMG_2179.jpg
  4. Terri Kwan IMG_2184.jpg IMG_2185.jpg
  5. Melody Kliu, loving her croc Lindy ❣️ IMG_2191.jpg IMG_2192.jpg IMG_2193.jpg
  6. She's a Taiwanese actress
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  7. Yvonne Lim IMG_1529170122.404285.jpg
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  8. @allamrvj Yes she is an Asian from Taiwan , why do you say not an Asian? Thanks
  9. Treechada Petcharat with her lovely H belt IMG_2197.jpg
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  11. I've misread your text about not an Asian, pls disregard it, my apologies
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  12. Serena Chen Liu IMG_7328.jpg IMG_7329.jpg
  13. Serena Chen Liu IMG_2228.jpg