Asians & Hermes

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  1. Beautiful photos!
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    Terri Kwan
    91B10D9B-E8D2-4A0B-BEA7-57BECD18CB17.jpeg 22050E79-D09C-4628-891A-5386762E1584.jpeg
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    Rigel Davis
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  4. Valerie Ding IMG_7281.jpg
  5. Yvonne Lim IMG_7290.jpg
  6. Clara Lee Sung-Min IMG_1755.jpg IMG_1756.jpg
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  7. Carina Lau IMG_7295.jpg
  8. Carina Lau IMG_7296.jpg
  9. Sharon Au IMG_1797.jpg
  10. Kim Lim’s new H croc purchase and lovely wallet IMG_1903.jpg IMG_1904.jpg
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  11. Terri Kwan having family vacation in Japan IMG_1528281821.029679.jpg IMG_1528281834.981450.jpg IMG_1528281850.573304.jpg IMG_1528281863.918027.jpg IMG_1528281880.630751.jpg IMG_1528281891.650745.jpg IMG_1528281907.410749.jpg
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  13. Karen Ng IMG_1938.jpg IMG_7320.jpg IMG_7321.jpg
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  14. Is this the IT girl from Singapore that recently had a baby? She used to be holding a kelly wallet in electric blue or some dark color a lot, and that was so enabling to me...
  15. Yes she is