Asians & Hermes

  1. Arissa Cheo with friends IMG_7031.jpg
  2. Arissa Cheo IMG_1246.jpg
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  3. Elly Lam IMG_1333.jpg
  4. Kim Lim IMG_7061.jpg
  5. Melody Kliu IMG_7085.jpg IMG_7086.jpg
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  6. Kim Lim IMG_1344.jpg
  7. Rigel Davis IMG_1350.jpg
  8. Aimee Sun IMG_1525315784.156903.jpg
  9. Terri Kwan now 4 mths preggy after just had her 2nd Son. Only married for 5 years n will expect her 3rd child in Oct I think IMG_1391.jpg
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  10. Fish Leong IMG_1525315899.990718.jpg
  11. Kim Lim IMG_1525422057.094651.jpg
  12. Aimee Sun IMG_7127.jpg
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  13. Treechada Petcharat IMG_7129.jpg
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