Asians & Hermes

  1. Jamie Chua.
    1485958302299305686_41987900.jpg 1485480603185247256_41987900.jpg 1486075288811453725_41987900.jpg 1486126840758594747_41987900.jpg 1486189428775309147_41987900.jpg 1486959969018679846_41987900.jpg 1488136383210211774_41987900.jpg 1488223767985868396_41987900.jpg 1488392216460499275_41987900.jpg 1490540922999777879_41987900.jpg
  2. Heart Evangelista.
    1491832371984897343_241448001.jpg 1491827167717157057_3134642693.jpg 1492789262075986743_241448001.jpg 1492938952054594840_3134642693.jpg
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  3. Jamie Chua. Year of India CDC! :loveeyes:
    1489034855941735853_41987900.jpg 1490298954826799531_41987900.jpg 1491019258993607081_41987900.jpg 1492000819285318025_41987900.jpg 1492632800410758904_41987900.jpg
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  4. Terri Kwan is currently pregnant and in Hawaii
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  5. Sun Yen-Yen and her friends IMG_1492570199.985140.jpg
  6. Terri Kwan and her bolide, lovely blue IMG_1492570233.480589.jpg
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  7. Terri Kwan and her Daughter in Hawaii IMG_1492756967.913518.jpg
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  8. Terri Kwan IMG_1492889352.842346.jpg IMG_1492889364.300542.jpg IMG_1492889376.111573.jpg
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  9. Those babies are precious❤️
  10. I love Jamie! wonder how many suitcases she travels with? Terri Kwans daughter is so adorable. Anybody knows if she is having a boy this time?
  11. Terri Kwan IMG_1492920750.146210.jpg
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  12. Nope I wonder too...hopefully the 2nd one is a Boy
  13. Terri Kwan and her family IMG_1492947632.647294.jpg
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  14. Marian Rivera.
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