Asians & Hermes

  1. OMG... I can't even tell...
    However, I did sometime hear some high profile people wear facks for some event....
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  2. Jamie Chua.
  3. Jinkee Pacquaio.
  4. Dr. Aivee Teo.
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  5. Aimee Sun having vacation in Seoul now IMG_1490015281.267420.jpg
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  6. Rozita Che Wan, Malaysian actress. IMG_20170322_003359.jpg IMG_20170322_003336.jpg IMG_20170322_003321.jpg IMG_20170322_003243.jpg IMG_20170322_003231.jpg
  7. Pace Wu & Friends IMG_1490120600.434163.jpg IMG_1490120619.883734.jpg
  8. Hermes Scarf
    Vogue Korea
  9. I'm very curious. Who are these Himalayan Croc ladies?
  10. Mae Tan in California IMG_1490550338.143239.jpg IMG_1490550350.231355.jpg IMG_1490550361.709692.jpg
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  11. Araya Alberta Hargate IMG_1490550535.159005.jpg
  12. I also like this Asian celebrity/model/blogger style.. pictures from CleoLynn IG. She got a couple adorable cats too

    I guess because of her VVIP status she always score most coveted color n size from H boutiques
    IMG_1490733358.074912.jpg IMG_1490733369.150615.jpg IMG_1490733380.273609.jpg IMG_1490733391.925187.jpg IMG_1490733401.758785.jpg IMG_1490733411.376173.jpg IMG_1490733420.877112.jpg
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  13. Zuo Xiao An IMG_1491143236.504432.jpg
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