Asians and Hermes

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  1. Lovely look...nice dress:smile:
  2. I was just thinking this :biggrin::biggrin::cool:
  3. ^ITA...she's look fabulous always:smile:
  4. She got nice legs and looks gd in shorts:smile:
  5. I agree. She's adorable. I just read she has ADULT kids! She looks like a child herself. How old is she?
  6. Me too!
    She's famous for those legs and wears all shorts & minis best!

  7. I like Jaime. She has good taste in her bags, shoes and maintain her figure very well for someone closing on 40. Not many of us can continue to look like this at this age and after having children.

    The only thing is I prefer her in more age appropriate dressing, cos from her close-up pics do show her age.
  8. Janet Han
    jan.jpg jan1.jpg jan5.jpg
  9. More Janet Han
    jan2.jpg jan3.jpg jan4.jpg jan7.jpg jan6.jpg
  10. More Janet! Need to know: Who are the yellow and black shoes by? Last image. Versace?? Need to know!!

    Love that Versace gold bracelet paired with the CDC.
    jan8.jpg jan10.jpg jan9.jpg jan11.jpg jan12.jpg
  11. Lol, Janet's moschino belt threw me back to many years ago!:lol: She does look fantastic in her other outfits.
  12. Ms. Chua has some serious competition in Janet.
  13. Jaime Chua's and Janet Han's style are totally different.(^-^)
  14. She's almost forty???!!! Wow! now I really am a fan! :nuts:
  15. Janet...hmmm... could be too over the top. Sorry to say, bordering on trashy. I believe in less is more.
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Not open for further replies.