Asians and Hermes

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  1. I agree! I remember Fiona also have a black b but not sure abt the size thou...
  2. Nice Irna's blue dress:smile:
  3. Lovely croc B:smile:
  4. I prefer Jamie's croc B....the rouge is gorgeous:smile:
  5. Love her gold jige, nice:smile:
  6. Gorgeous bicolor B, she looks fabulous:smile:
  7. Lovely birdy pink B...very pretty and nice H bracelets:smile:
  8. Drooling at her croc B, STUNNING!!~:smile:
  9. Another fabulous H bag, really admire her collection:smile:
  10. His shoes are so adorable;)
  11. I always admire her slender long legs:smile:
  12. the last pic is so cute, stephanie ER inside the big HAC:graucho:
  13. Really love her CL loafers, so hard to get this....nice H accessories and lovely NANO:smile:
  14. Thanks for all the lovely pics, IFFAH

    Lovely H charms and nice H bags:smile:
  15. Wow...her himalayan B, STUNNING:smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.