Asians and Hermes

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  1. ty: for the pics, ceci!

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    Jamie Chua in Santa Monica. With Irene, Kane Lim's mum. In Jitrois Jacket, Chrome Hearts, Rag and Bone denim and flats by Charlotte Olympia. Lime Epsom Kelly and CDC Cuff.
    _j314.jpg _j313.jpg _j315.jpg _j316.jpg _j317.jpg _j318.jpg

  3. Is her lime kelly a 35cm size?
  4. Thanks IFFAH for the nice pics! The flats are so cute!!
  5. ^:ghi5:

    cabochon, indeed.:smile:

  6. Isabelle, Angelina Cindy and Ezraj Williams
    _k10.jpg _k11.jpg _k12.jpg _k9.jpg
  7. Thanks IFFAH as usual for the great pictures! :hugs:

    Wow the fuschia kelly is tdf! :woot: Ms Irna looks so so so chic on all her pics!!
  8. Nancy Wu? The TVB artiste? Ex Kenneth Ma's girlfriend? She got a Croc Birkin!

  9. I think she's a model for Brand Off opening. The girl they call "long leg crab" was modeling a Himalayan. ;)
  10. Omg that fuchsia Kelly! :love:
  11. oh, she's a model, I thought she is the TVB artiste, tks for the clarification;)

  12. is jamie chua and kane lim really brothers and sisters or??
  13. Yes, she is that TVB artist that you were thinking. In that event, she was just modeling the bag, she doesn't own it (yet). ;)
  14. Who are they?

    BTW thanks alot for your effort in posting all of these pics!
  15. :okay: doesnt look like her, she is stunning in here.

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