Asians and Hermes

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    Me too!:ghi5: I hope they keep the leather jackets or someone will take them home. It'd be sad if their stylist throw them away.

    :lol::flowers: souphamster.

    Me too.:heart: :flowers: sydspy.

    :flowers: bag-gage. Lol, Dick Lee is in the mood of neon-traffic color suits throughout AFF. From Orange to Green to Pink. I have to give credits to him, he looks better than some over-the-top male fashionistas.

    W/one trying to be Andre Leon Talley. Except Andre looks more refined.



    Credits: Ms Shabnam Melwani-Reis.

    A private view into the Hermes Atelier Workshop where she discussed her ideas of customization. The final product. W/Diane Von Fusternberg.
    Inspired by Hermes Leoila Shawl.:heart::love:

    Met Carine Roitfeld while in Paris after attending Alaia Show.
    _sh37.jpg _sh11.jpg dvf-store-opening_2354_124398.jpg dvf-store-opening_2354_124393.jpg _sh35.jpg
  2. Credits: Kane Lim

    The one and only, Gris Tourterelle Shiny Porosus Croc:heart:. Specially ordered and made for Kane Lim's mum.
    _j96.jpg _j95.jpg kane.jpg
  3. :happydance:I finally have something in common with one of these fab ladies!! Its the shoes:lol:Gris T in croc is amazing!!:ps:Great pics IFFAH:flowers:
  4. is Kane Lim's mom a celebrity or socialite? she looks real young though! (How young is Kane huh?)
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    IFFAH - Indeed. I give Dick Lee credit for guts and gumption. It takes a very brave person to step out decked out top to toe in fluo orange.

    Kinda sweet that Kane Lim takes pics of his mum.
  6. I think he's in his early twenties? Like maybe 22-25ish... Haha okay, don't think im of any help here :p
  7. i think it's a female croc skin.... i see pink... lol

  8. ^:lol: Female Crocodiles are more dangerous. Beware of them.:p

    Jadeite, Tina.e; you are right.:smile: bag-gage, Ita.:yes:
    Julide, :tup:.

    Another Grey Croc World. This time, Gris Dove Croc w/Orange Lining. Ms Diana Saksen and friend w/Pink Swift Lindy & matching EW Clic-Clac.
  9. Kane Lim and Mom.... it's nice that parent/child share the love for something special like H. :tup:

  10. I love how Shabnam is never too over the top, brand names in your face all the time. She always look so chic and elegant, a very well out together woman plus I love her tan legs and arms! I think she is more than a socialite, she is a business woman as well. The Hermes she wears don't over power her outfit or her look.
  11. Love her dress and her CL shoes, that's a pair of killer heels:graucho:
  12. wow..i am not a fan of exotics but that grey croc B looks just simply amazing and gorgeous :love::love:

  13. ITA. She is totally elegant, and even pleasant. I totally admire her understated and not in your face show-off of her style and lovely H collection. It makes her beautiful inside and out.
  14. Dick really aged a lot..but look at his shoes:graucho:

  15. she's awesome!
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