Asians and Hermes

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  1. I thought so too!
  2. thank you IFFAH i hope you are better now. wow. this victoria is i want one!! i like the chanel flats too...hmmm...;);)
  3. Doesn't it look great?;)
    Thanks to awesome Iffah, we have some amazing pics to drool on:biggrin:
  4. [​IMG]
    This is my favourite thread, thank you IFFAH for all the hard work in keeping the thread interesting and versatile and a joy to visit :flowers::flowers::flowers:

  5. :ty: jolenejeey, mikeyta, Julide, chincac, flower71, Ms Reya. I am feeling very much better now.:yahoo: Will continue keeping this thread versatile and enjoyable.:smile:

    I :heart: the Hermes Ex Libris En Kimono too.

    From Vogue India. Last year, Hermes releases 28 limited edition of Hermes Saris. Towards near Diwali festival in 2011, only 6 Saris were sold.
    r-burman-vogue.jpg r-burman-hermes-vogue.jpg

  6. IFFAH:heart:I am so happy to hear you are feeling better!!!!!:yahoo:I would love to own one of those saris!! Exquiste!! I am a fan of saris!:biggrin:
  7. ^:ghi5:. I am a fan of Saris too. Their embroidery techniques and sequins are divine.:heart: Would love to see modelling pics of the buyers of these beautiful saris.

    Padma Lakshmi at Naeem Khan Show,
    padma.jpg padma1.jpg padma-lakshmi-mbnyfw-2012-naeem-khan.jpg
  8. (T-B) Natasha Poonawala (socialite or sometimes known as Queen of Hermes in India), Shilpa Shetty (Bollywood actress, remember her in Big Brother controversy, she's married & now pregnant), Gayatri (Bollywood actress) & Queenie.
    little-shilpa-melbourne-cup-natasha-poonawala.jpg shilpa-shetty-super-fight-league-dnner-rachel-pally-maxi-dress.jpg _00gayatri.jpg queenie.jpg
  9. Bollywood actress turned entrepreneur, Ameesha Patel. With Rubis Birkin GHW while in London.
  10. Chanlertfa Chatthip while in Japan incl. Hermes Ginza and pics taken w/her friend.
    chan.jpg chan2.jpg chan3.jpg chan4.jpg chan5.jpg chan6.jpg chan7.jpg chan8.jpg chan9.jpg chan1.jpg
  11. She is adorable.

    IFFAH, I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling better. TAKE CARE!!! :hugs:
  12. 99907.jpg


  13. ^Cool pics, souphamster.:heart:

    Thank you, dear mkl_collection.:hugs: I love your outfit in the latest action pic.

    By Jamie Chua, around 40 mins ago,
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    I'm glad you're feeling better, IFFAH! :hugs:

    Here's a few more Croc pics :biggrin:


  15. Krisdayanti, Indonesia

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