Asians and Hermes

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    Ms. Jamie Chua is on Instagram now! YAY! Follow her! ec13m
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  3. W/pretty Monica Marthen (Rose Tyrien Kelly):heart:. credits: Jamie Chua

  4. Yup! I'm so happy! Hahahaha. Hope she will share & update more often! Her Hs heaven!
  5. ^I'm sure she will.:hugs:

    Singapore socialite, Ms Michelle Chong
  6. Rose tyrien kelly is gorgeous >_<
  7. ^Ita, fufu.:heart:

    By Tiffany Primalia Instagram.
    _t7.jpg _t8.jpg _t9.jpg _t.jpg _t4.jpg _t14.jpg
  8. From Ms. Jamie Chua's Instagram.

    Hermes Kelly Picnic bag & CL!


    Hermes Crocodile Kelly bag & that super drooling CL!


    No Hermes here, but I couldn't resist myself to post this beautiful picture of her. Aren't she look pretty in that dress? Oh, Pretty Jamie~

  9. From Ms. Jamie Chua's Instagram

    Hermes Crocodile Kelly Cut + CL!


    Hermes Crocodile Collier De Chien Bracelet

  10. You're welcome! She's really updating her Instagram like non stop! Really enjoy looking at all her beautiful photos.

    I love that as well! She got a great collection of Hs & jewelries! Bling bling!
  11. I'm loving these Birkins! So pretty! Keep 'em coming!:biggrin:

  12. What's her instagram name?
  13. ec13m. She created them today.;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.