Asians and Hermes

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  1. Gorgeous bags, but that is some SERIOUS hair!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Luna Maya, model/actress (left) and her friend


    luna_maya_keberangkatan_ke_semarang-20100420-003-kapanlagi.jpg luna_maya_keberangkatan_ke_semarang-20100420-004-kapanlagi.jpg
  4. What a fabulous look, love her jacket and lace blouse:smile:
  5. LarissaHK, you look just as fabulous as her and you have the same bag too;)!
  6. he he thank you LIBRADIAMONDS you are too sweet and kind :blush::smooch::hugs: but I'm not asian:p I always admire asian ladies they have beautiful faces and hair...I even sometimes joking and say to my next life I want to be asian lady;):p

  7. ABL!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    THANK YOU kalindy!!!:nuts:
  8. can anyone ID this necklace?
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    LarissaHK, ita w/Libradiamonds. You're stylish yourself.:smile:

    By Her World Singapore, Spotted Best Dressed

    Tan Min-Li


    Balenciaga Dress
    Camilla Skovgaard Heels


    Alicia Loke

    Dress by Black Halo
    Christian Louboutin Heels

    tan-min-li-spotted-best-dressed.jpg alicia-loke-spotted-best-dressed-her-world.jpg
  10. The herbag is nice!
  11. my view is that the black croc birkin does not match with the casual look. so wrong.
  12. Her 25B fits nicely against her mini white dress if she's going for an evening out later. Why did she wear 2 sunglasses?

    Thank you, KaLindy.

  13. Yes, I was wondering why too! Could it be that she thought the one on her head was a headband? Hehe...this sounds like a déjà vu to me :p

    You see, she was looking for something inside her bag. May be she was saying to self, "where is my favorite sunny?"
  14. That happens to me a lot..hahaha.
  15. :blush::blush:

    More pics of Araya A. Hargate.


    At an int' watch fair, after presenting this super bling bling watch :nuts:



    watch2009_35.jpg ThaiCatwalk74.jpg A8341669-8.jpg
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