Asian who uses La Mer Cream Foundation....

  1. could you please tell me what color are you using? I just got a jar from Neiman and the SA over there recommended Beige, it looked fine when she applied it over my RMK Liquid Foundation (102), but when I tried it again the next day, it's way too dark compared to my neck color:crybaby:. So was wondering if some of ya Asian gals who are currently using the product can tell me what color you are using.

    thanks so much!!

    I've used:
    RMK Liquid Foundation in #102
    GA LSF 4.5
    LM Oil Free Foundation in Sunny Beige
    Mac NC 20-25
  2. A bit unrelated but...IMO Caucasian women do not pair foundation well with Asian skin. They always go a darker or overexaggerate the yellow tones..

    I don't use La Mer but I can recommend you a good foundation- shiseido Hydro-liquid compact foundation! I get compliments every time I use this. Also Shiseido Dual balancing foundation.
    From what i've found, Asian companies' makeup lasts longer on the skin...I think it's because the climate is much more humid in Asia?
    Sorry, I'm rambling...
    It may not have been what you're looking for... sorry about that. I haven't tried La Mer though.
  3. I agree with lvluv about Causasian women pairing asians with darker shades, so I usually go a shade lighter with what they recommend. Not only will it be less "yellowy", it'll brighten your complexion more. I'm trying out La Mer's creme foundation in #9 / Ivory right now.
  4. I use Mac NC 30. It took me years to find the correct foundation. It seems to always change with the seasons though. A lighter colour for winter a darker for summer.
  5. i agree with the statement that caucasian MA's always seem to suggest foundations that are a bit too dark. my mother uses the la mer cream foundation in 02 natural, ad it's perfect for her skin tone. there are days when i decide to steal a little, and it suits m complexion perfectly as well-it blends really well with our undertones and looks very natural.
  6. yupp yupp! go a shade lighter to what they suggest... + u also what to take into account that u'd probably be using other shading makeup i.e. blush, eyeshadow etc, so u need a lighter base to look natural. if u go too dark u'd end up lookin' 'dirty' i.e. megan fox :p/ christina aguilera