Asian skin care recommendations pleaseeee...

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  1. Hello girls, ( or guys too!)

    I've use wide ranges of skin care lines and none of them seem to give me nice enough of skin.

    Right now I'm using Merle Norman line & it's just not working for me anymore.

    I have combination/oily with occasional break outs here and there..and a bad case of black heads.

    This may seem silly, but I've been watching those Korean drama movies and those stars have SUCH NICE skiN!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps its the screen editing or whatever it may be...but I would love to have nice, light, soft, smooth skin.

    I feel like driving out to Korea Town and finding a new skin care line to use but I am a little intimidated b/c I'm not Korean.

    I mainly want to even out my skin out, ( uneven skin tone), and clear it!

    Do you have any recc's for a brand line I should look to try?

  2. It's got NOTHING to do with race!
    Skincare needs depend on environment and individual lifestyle (stressful job, diet, exercise..). An Asian in Southeast Asia will use a very different product if she were living in Alaska.

    If you're looking into color choice, that would make some sense.
    If you want Korean skin go live in Korea and eat lots of kimchi maybe that's their secret.
  3. wow... that was rude, racist, offensive, and unnessary. FYI, I'm sure not all koreans with beautiful skin eat kimchi.

    LouisLady, how about you try some Japanese brand that's specialized in asian skin? such as Shu Uemura, Shiseido, SK II and etc...

    and yes, it does have something to do with race. that's why the lancome (and some other brands) products in asia are slightly different than the ones in the us or europe.
  4. im asian and ive been using a lotion from aveeno called positively radiant
    its not bad somewhat like a toned down highlighter, ive had some improvement on tone but not much you could use it and its not very expensive.
  5. Uhhhh.....okay back to topic.

    Yes, I'm Asian, not Korean..just in case that is the slight misunderstanding.... and I was asking for recommendations on Asian skin care lines. Thank you Phoebe for the few names- I've been hearing a lot about SKII and shall try to go hunt it down to get more info on it.
  6. I agree that some of these Asian actresses have gorgeous skins!

    Actually, Korean makeup is somewhat "in" here in Japan! I think it has alot to do with the Korean dramas....

    Definitely SKII is a popular brand; in Japan they are loved for their whitening source stuff.

    Another Asian brand that is a hit here, is Cles de Beaute. Very expensive, though.
  7. I use the Shiseido UV White line and it works pretty well for me. I have the Whitening Softener (which is like a toner) and the Whitening Moisturizer. The moisturizer is really light and not greasy at all.
  8. edna -- the baby in your avatar is absolutely adorable!!! OMG -- what I would do to have the skin of a baby!
  9. I use DHC - which is more a Japanese line... I'm mixed (1/2 Asian 1/2 white) and I used to have a problem with breakouts until I started using Tazorac (prescribed by my derm) and the DHC skin care line. You can see it at - it's pricier than the drugstore brands, but not too bad. Good luck!
  10. I have (japanese) Asian skin too. I use Origins. In my twenties, I had bad skin with lots of acne and I'm not sure if it was getting older or changing diet. But after working with my dermatologist, and drinking lots more water, my skin started to clear up. However, I wish I used sunscreen daily. Now that I'm in my forties, I've got age spots. No wrinkles at all, but age spots give it away. So enjoy your oily skin because it'll mean, fewer wrinkles, but do use sunscreen! (I think that, in general, asians are blessed with wrinkling later in life then our caucasion friends).

    Another thing that I find helps, for cosmetics, is to use a foundation that has a yellow base in it. I currently use Bobbi Brown. But, really just stay away from the pink based colors and use the yellow based and it'll hide the "natural" you and bring out a smoother more flawless you!;)
  11. I have similar skin. I use prescription acne medication for my breakouts and I use masks (aspirin/revive/shesiedo). I try not to put too much stuff on my face, since you want as little product on ur face as possible. I think Korean grls use a lot a lot of make up! I've seen some of the grls with nice skin up close and trust me, its make up! Very well applied make up!
  12. Oh what do you know, are you Asian?? I'm Asian, worked in the skincare industry, and lived in different continents for more than a year each I can definitely vouch Asian skincare products for the same brand differ in formulation in different country regions because of the climate and general diet differences, nothing to do with race! For your info the same brand take Shiseido for instance, has developed different products for different Asian countries. And the kimchi part is meant to be a joke come on get a grip I am the same race, and kimchi does have skin & health benefits, South Koreans even claim kimchi might have prevented them from the SARS outbreak in neighboring countries.
  13. Here we go again, you and your great manner! :tdown:

    Unfortunately I am asian and a facialist. From what I learned at college, yes it does have everything to do with race. That's why africans/ african americans are less unlikely to get acne and have beautiful smooth skin, fair skin people are most likely to have frekles etc, etc...

    It does have something to do with diet, enviroment blah blah blah to some degree but race/genes is a major part of it.

    If your job is a beauty consultant standing at the counter, then I definately wouldn't call you "in the skin care industry".

    LouisLady was genuinely asking for help for her skin care and you told her to "go live in korea&eat some kimchi"? Do you really think this is an appropriate joke? Well since kimchi has so much benefits, let's forget about skin care, medication and eat lots kimchi!
  14. My job wasn't counter sales but in the marketing, manufacturing and formulation of skincare products - mainly moisturizers. Part of the job required global market development research so yes I can vouch that a single skincare brand does have different formulations for different countries within Asia, let alone other continents!! If you're referring to cosmetics rather than skincare, then yes, companies make products specifically for Asian complexions (with some difficulty since not every Asian has the same skin base color), but skincare, not necessarily, bigger brands usually with bigger R&D budgets will develop different products for different countries. Take for example Australia-Thailand, both have high densities of Asians today. Climate in Thailand is hot and humid, climate in Australia is dry and generally cool (except for the less populated areas like Darwin). Therefore an Australian-born Thai will have different skincare needs if s/he moved to Thailand than when in Australia, if s/he wants to stick to the same brand and product, good luck trying to find it in Thailand.

    If you say race/genes have to do with it, you're generalizing Asians aren't you? Asians have a very wide spectrum of skintones from very fair to very dark, from olive toned to pale pink toned, from pimply and acned to clear skin. From a diet of oily hamburgers to a strict fresh vegan diet. There is not one single brand of skincare products made specifically for Asians in all continents, that would be impossible for the company to stay afloat for a long time. If you're breaking out, then change your diet to more grains and vegetables, drink more water, select a skincare product more appropriate to your skin condition, nothing to do with race!

    And I guess you haven't lived abroad outside HK much have you? I'm not referring to travels. When living in Malaysia and Thailand I had very oily skin. When I lived in Australia I had very dry skin, when I lived in England, I had perfectly normal skin, now in US, I have dry sensitive skin. The product that worked for me that's sold in UK since I had perfect skin, is not available in US, and Asia, although the brand has a presence.
  15. I lived in korea for about 5 years, and to be honest, anyone who has money in korea isn't using Korean products. All the main beauty products available here (Shishedo, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Lancome, etc) were in high demand there.

    I'd be surprised if any of those actresses actually used Korean brands...