Asian Rhinoplasty, Nostrils Reduction and Chin Implant

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  1. Hi,

    It's been a while and here I am still looking for the best, most skilful, most experienced (and of course not too expensive) plastic surgeon, who is specifically trained in the field of Asian Nose Job using the combination between Implant and ear, septum Cartilage Graft plus Nostrils Reduction and maybe Chin Implant as well to sculpt a beautiful Caucasian nose that compliments my Asian face.

    So I would really appreciate if anyone could help me find the plastic surgeon that I've been waiting for. Just wondering,

    Where do you think is the best hospital/surgicenter in South East Asia for these kind of plastic surgeries on an Asian Patient? Is it Thailand like everyone else is talking about or shall I say the Philippines???

    Basically, I've found this place on the internet - It's called Shimmian Manila Surgicenter in Ortigas Centre, Pasig City. Is this the best one in the Philippines since they say they're the first clinic in the Philippines to offer reconstructive rhinoplasty using Gore-Tex implant from Korea? Does it have a good reputation, safe and reliable? Has Shimmian Manila Surgicenter ever had bad reports from patients? Oh, and is it expensive? How much does this Nose Job and Chin GoreTex Implant surgery cost in total in Pesos at Shimmian Manila Surgicenter? If it's not really the best, could you please recommend me where else is the best place from your experience (please tell me their name and contacts)???

    Is Dr Levi John Lansangan the most skilful plastic surgeon in nose job in the Philippines? Is he truly certified and trained in Korea for plastic surgery? Has anyone ever had a full nose implant with him and are you very happy with it or not? If not, who else do you think is the most skilful surgeon in your opinion? (I don't mean to disrespect Doctor Levi Lansangan - just need to ask).

    They seem to give special importance and prominence to GoreTex Implant, Is this material really the best? I mean what if the broad wide sheets do not conform well in the myriad of Asian nasal shapes? Isn't this goretex material easily moved on your nose and chin due to its softness? What about Soft Silicone and ePTFE, are they better and do they give a natural look too? Isn't the L shape better than the sculpted sheet since it has the extra bit to go underneath your columella to keep your nose from moving?

    Does Shimmian Manila Surgicenter plastic surgeon use certified anesthesiologist? Is general anaesthesia safe or local anaesthesia safer? Would you choose general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia if you were me?

    PLEASE HELP ME! Thank You very much for any of your help.

  2. Hi, Im from Indonesia and had surgery with Dr. Levi. My nose looks definitely better after 3 months post-op. Gore-tex has a longer healing period as compared to silicone (some of my friends in Jakarta had it!) but its more natural looking and very light.

    Most of my friends didnt even notice that I had a noselift, just a comment that "your blooming nowadays":P

    So sorry I can't answer the medical aspect of your querries but one thing I can prove is the good reputation of Dr. Levi, so many patients line up for his clinic. I have seen and talked to at least 7post-op ladies during my brief stay in his clinic.

    Btw, I booked under their medical tourism package as I want my surgery to be hassle free. They booked me at a 5 star hotel just beside their clinic wherein a nurse visits me everyday to clean my nose. Very light and easy, even the airport shuttle is free of charge. They have their own Shimmian Limousine.

    One thing I regret is I failed to go shopping to Divisoria, Manila which I heard is full of cheap yet beautiful items.
  3. Did you ever go to Dr. Levi?
    If so how did your nose turn out?
    I'm thinking of going to this doctor but I can't seem to find any reviews on him.
  4. DON'T Ever go to BK Clinic in Seoul ruined my face: HORROR STORY

    I researched BK Clinic in Seoul to get my plastic surgery procedure done. They seemed to have a clean website, they spoke fairly good English, and their prices were competitive. What I couldn't find were testimonials on their site. I didn't quite know what the feedback from actual patients were which was quite unsettling as they seemed to be a corporate giant with no comments from actual patients. Anyways, I was planning to visit Seoul so I went ahead and set up an appointment.

    The first time I walked in was for a consultation. The lobby was filled with patients who were complaining about their procedure. One lady walked into the office and said that the bandages on her face were not properly placed therefore fluid was leaking out. Another lady walked in and demanded for a doctor because the implant in her nose was slowly receding to the side of nose. At that point, I wanted to jump off the couch and walk out of the clinic but I had already put down a deposit of 50,000 Won so I decided to wait and at least see the doctor before jumping to conclusions.

    First I was ushered to a room where a "consultant" not the doctor analyzed my face and suggested what work I should get done. I clearly told her that I just wanted my lips augmented but she went on with her evaluation. She wasn't pushy but she had a way of making you feel that you "needed" work done in areas you didn't really want. For example, I have a pretty straight nose but she suggested that I get a tip-plasty and a silicone implant to heighten it. I adamantly refused.

    Then she said my eyes were rather small and suggested that I "elongate it" by getting a medial epicanthoplasty. I had never heard of it. She explained the procedure to me assuring me that "many" patients get it and that it was totally natural and common. I refused and said I only wanted my lips augmented.

    She said I would need to get fat graft from my abdomen and transfer the fat to plump up my lips. As she said, "it is the only way to achieve the natural look" I was thinking juvederm or restylane would have been simple method but she said they were not natural but synthetic therefore potentially harmful. (In retrospect, she was trying to make more money for the clinic. As I later found out fat graft is 3 times the cost of fillers and both achieve the same effect.)

    I eventually agreed but I didn't understand why I would have to go under total anesthesia for lip augmentation. She said they would need to numb my stomach area and extract fat. She agreed it was pretty intense for lip augmentation so she said I should get cheek augmentation as well.

    I never considered it but she brought the mirror up to my face and showed me that my cheeks were hollow. She said it would give me a more "youthful" look which was ironic because I was only 22. Then she retracted her comment and said "most young people get it to heighten their cheekbones, you know to achieve the western look."

    So after coaxing me for about an hour, I agreed to the procedure and my total cost went from $1,500 to $3,000. She said that getting two procedures done would be better because I "needed" the cheek improvement and that I might as well get it now than later since I would have to go through the pain and downtime twice.

    I then asked, when I was going to see the doctor. She paused and went "Oh you wanted to the see the doctor?" I was surprised. Yes, I would like to see the person who is performing surgery on my face. She grew impatient and said he would say the same thing. After seeing that I was not satisfied, she abruptly left the room.

    When I met the doctor, he was uninterested, tired, and bored. I would assume after performing on so many people. He seemed to view it as another procedure rather than another patient. He barely answered my questions and agreed to what the consultant said over his shoulder and nodded his head.

    I was then told to head back to the lobby. I was given a card and told to go home and come back on the day of surgery. Everything that I went through would have been easily forgiven if not for the results of my surgery. What happened next is every patient's nightmare.

    On surgery day, I was rudely escorted to the operation room and the doctor nowhere in sight. They injected some fluids into me and put me under anesthesia.

    The next thing I know, I wake up with my face fully bandaged and my stomach feeling like a ton of brick fell upon it. The nurses told me it was totally natural and told me to go to the waiting area. I was literally told to get off the operation table and walk myself out of the room because they had to clear it for the next incoming patient. This is when I knew this place was like a factory with people moving in and out like a conveyor belt. I was disgusted.

    I went to another room with three makeshift cots crammed in one room. The beds were already occupied so I settled myself down on a steel chair (right after having surgery they couldn't even provide a laying area.) Finally when a patient vacated the bed, I got to lay down for the first time but about 30 minutes later a nurse came in and said "I was good to go" and that I should leave since there are other patients waiting. I was appalled. I got myself out of bed, undressed, and left the clinic with no assistance. You would think after having fat removed from your abdomen and having stitches they would provide a wheelchair.

    As I said before, up to this point, everything could have been forgiven only if my results were satisfactory. However, they were FAR from satisfactory, my face currently looks botched up by unnecessary fat injections on my face. My face is asymmetrical because the doctor applied fat right above my cheekbone instead below, making me look like the bride of Chucky. My lips are asymmetrical as well because he put more fat into one side than the other. So people ask me why I am smirking all the time! I purposely have add more lipstick on one side. My volume of my lips has not changed at all as the fat has reabsorbed into my body in a matter of a few days.

    The only thing left is a crooked smile and disfigured cheeks which show signs of small bumps in the light. I called the clinic multiple times but they were unresponsive. They are fully aware that I can't visit their office because I am overseas in the U.S. and they took full advantage of it.

    Finally, when I threatened to visit them, the doctor was put on the line and told me he would re-perform the surgery. I refused and asked for my money back. He said he could not do that. If this surgery was performed in the states, I would sue them through and through for medical malpractice and emotional distress but I know nothing about Korea and their laws which puts me in a very difficult and frustrating position.

    I consulted with a plastic surgeon in the states and he said the doctor who performed surgery was not experienced and skilled in fat injections. He told me NOT trust this doctor and recommended that I no longer receive any services from him.

    At this point, I regret ever going BK Clinic. Not only is my face disfigured, I can do nothing about it. I don't know how to sue in a foreign country and they know it. All I can do is wait until it "settles" and consider reconstructive surgery later in the future. More than anything, I am so angry that I went ahead with the surgery when all the signs were so clear to me in the beginining.

    1.) Crowded area with too many patients and too few staff
    2.) Complaining patients who were brushed off with false assurances
    3.) Marketing procedures a patient does not need or want
    4.) Price inflation on surgery procedure
    5.) Absence of the doctor performing surgery
    6.) Grandiose Advertising and Promotions
    7.) Lack of customer service or consideration pre-op and post-op
    8.) Ruining someone's appearance and NOT taking responsibility for it.

    I called around to other Plastic Surgery Clinics in Seoul to see if the behavior at BK was what was considered normal in Korea and they were very responsive. Both Oz and Rosee Clinic offer full refund of your money and take responsibility if the procedure goes wrong or not to the patient's satisfaction.

    These are the clinics I called:
    Rosee Plastic Surgery
    Oz Plastic Surgery

    For anyone considering plastic surgery, I would advise to do your research.

    1.) Do it in your home country, so as a consumer you know your rights
    If you do it overseas, thinking they are more skilled or cheaper you are dead wrong.
    Problems arising from overseas plastic surgery is 10 times worse since you are a foreigner.

    2.) Do you research. Just because the place is well-known, popular, or have an established website DOES NOT mean they are skilled at what they do. What it means is, that they invested alot of money on PR and advertising to make their clinic seem so. The best way to find out if a clinic is trust worthy is from references through friends or family who personally had a procedure done at the place.

    3.) Do not settle for less. Ask for the doctor during your consultation and no one else. If the place seems like a conveyor belt, get the hell out. They don't care about your well-being you're just a number. They care about your money and how soon they can get you in and out.
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  6. Panache397

    Thank you so much for sharing your story - it must have been very hard for you. It was very nice of you to spell out in detail your experience to help others. Much appreciated!
  7. Below are some true facts that i would like to share to anyone who is thinking of having your facial plastic surgery at shimmian manila, so that you can avoid it. I have been keeping this quiet as all this has been affecting my life like hell and i could not have anymore energy to speak out for everyone else so that he or she does not make the same mistakes as i have done.

    I advise you not to go to shimmian manila! Levi lansangan is a liar, cheater and inexperienced! He has ruined my face! I would not say i was beautiful before the surgeries but i was naturally attractive, now after the surgeries, dr levi has turned me into an ugly woman! I paid a lot of money just for big mistakes with levi lansangan. My nose job by this surgeon is totally the worst nightmare ever, i had 3 surgeries with him and yet it now looks the ugliest and very unnatural, talking about the cosmetic outcome - the implant is huge for my face and it is also shifted to the left, he has made my nose tip go flat, i mean there has never been a projection since day 1 after all those ear and septum cartilages he harvested, and also it has moved slightly to the right, nostrils now are not even, 1 nostril is smaller and longer than the other and yet is has left me with a the ugliest big sunken scar right on my nose and a lot of small scars round my alar, the permanent redness on my bridge is always there too.... Talking about health - my septum cartilage has totally shifted and blocked 1 of my nostril that i can not breath, i can only breath through the right nostril, there has been pain and my nose runs when the weather changes.... My chin implant was silicone!! Can u believe it, guys? I asked for a goretex implant but yet he still put that yellow silicone implant in me. I only found out it was silicone cause i had to get it removed by another surgeon due to the shiftness of the implant that levi lansangan has purposely done on day 1 so that i would come back for a second sugery to give him more money. My face has sunken, long, thin and my jaw line is no longer strong due to the botox he injected into....

    Be careful guys! Dont go to shimmian manila. I have been living in hell for quite sometimes now since i had my face done with levi lansangan at shimmian manila. So if you want to look beautiful go somewhere else that is more genuine. Dont trust the fake advertisements that shimmian manila has been doing and do not believe in whatever levi lansangan talks you into, he is only after your money!

    Sandi dalyna

  8. Wow, I cant believe these people doing a demolition job to Dr. Levi. Honestly speaking, he even sent a staff to my hotel room to do the everyday dressing. His clinic is full of ladies who wants to have their noses done. He is very popular in the Philippines and I could personally attest to that. Many of the moviestars underwent surgery with him and they are not obvious at all because of the material (they call it gore-tex) that he uses.

    You know what, I can't gauge what happened to Sandi by just reading her/his post. Maybe she is the same person in the other forum who had seven surgeries performed to her face. I really dont know. But its really so unfair to Dr. Levi and Shimmian manila, I think he is one of the skilled rhinoplasty specialist right now.
  9. my nose looks perfect now. Thank you Dr. Levi John Lansangan.
  10. Hey girls, I am also planning to go with Dr. Levi of Shimmian. I will be in the Philippines after 2 months. I have seen some of before and after photos and I really like the result of some of his patients.

    I also heard that Kim Chiu went to Dr. Levi to fix her nose and I must say.. Kim's nose is absolutely gorgeous :woohoo::woohoo::biggrin:

  11. I think to have a nose like that, you need to go non-chinese doctors like Philippines or Thailand because their view of esthetic is different, more like Eurasian, ya, am I right? Because to a Chinese doctor, my nose is narrow enough but an American doc told me that it should be narrower...there, you see the difference in views.
  12. i recently went to shimmian manila jan 2013 and had a consultation with dr levi lansangan after waiting for 2 hours. first, they told me to go to the other clinic and all of the sudden, he is at tomas morato. in the waiting area, there were two ladies that i was really scared because their eyes were like too close to each other because their noses were too high maybe and fake. i already got scared. i then also saw their manager that also looks done. the wife's nose of dr lansangan is also too small for her face and fake. not to mention their slogan says, natural looking. when i met him, i consulted for a rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty. my nose only needed bridge because it was already fine. he looked and said he plans to cut the sides and insides etc. i was already thinking i would not want that because i didn't want a small hole as i have friends who had nose jobs and their holes are really small already. i am only at my late 20's i didn't really have saggy eye bags but i wanted them removed because i saw some pictures in the internet before and after and they really looked nice. he also said he will do the co2 style and will not have scars. i paid 5000T for deposit. he already scheduled me after 2 days.
    thinking about what i saw in there and i also read this lady's post, i decided to have my rhinoplasty at belo with dr ed yap. i had an appointment set for the next day after my scheduled surgery. i would tell shimmian i only would do the blepharoplasty.
    on the day of my surgery they said the operation was at 4pm but they did not arrive until 8pm. i had to get a package of co2 fraxel for P50,000 for 3 sessions. while waiting, they tried to get the consent but i only signed for the bleph. the wife kept convincing me to also have the rhinoplasty. i said no. i was also being convinced by the manager a couple of times to have it done but i said no. when dr levi arrived, he also convinced me to do it. the biggest mistake of my life. it was like i was hypnotized and said okay fine. but i told him, i didn't want a small hole. i even showed him a picture of the lady in the magazine that her nose looks fake and the nose hole was too small. he said the surgeon who did it is just terrible. when i was in the OR, when the dr came in, i even told him, i wanted the most conservative he could possibly be and he said, of course.
    when i woke up, i had too must sedation because i could not remember what happened after the surgery, i only woke up in my bed. when i first saw my nose hole, the first thing i noticed was it was so uneven. i have blood on my both eyes and purple to black eyes from check to eyelids. it was like i had purple makeup but i was okay with it. the only thing that bothered me was the uneven hole. the other was bigger and higher the other was smaller and lower. i texted dr levi the next day and told him i just noticed they were not even. but he did not reply. i didn't bother anymore because i trusted him. they also put some kind of ball plug on on ear and sewed it to stop the bleeding. it was already itching, my whole ear was dark and looked dead. i still did not bother because i thought it was just normal after being taken cartillage. i did not realize i was allergic. should have taken it out by myself. i couldn't go back to the clinic after looking purple, stitched and with a nose cast plus bloody eyes. had to wait 1 week.
    when i came back to have the stitches and cast taken off, they nurse that did it was not experienced although she was nice. she kept asking the other experienced nurse to check again but she was busy, she forgot. since i didn't have a mirror and light at that time, i didn't check it my self too. it also requires some twizers to open up your nose to see what's inside.
    i told the doctor who took off the cast that i was sad because i looked like an alien and it was not me anymore. he reassured me and said its only been a week and of course it's swollen. i was really sad but after what he said, i kind of got relaxed. my eyes were still bloody so they let my buy an ointment to lessen the redness. after trying it for 5 days, it did not work. my eye redness disappeared after 45 days. i was walking with red eyes. people were starring. i mentioned that my nostril holes were not even but what they just kept answering was it's still swollen, wait or no comment.
    i came back again for my co2 fraxel, the wife was the one who did it, she did not even do all my face, there were some spaces she left out. the cost per session is P20,000, she should have done it thoroughly.
    i was struggling for 2 weeks dealing with all the things they did to my nose and eyes, the doctor did alaplasty which made my nostrils smaller and with scars and thats what caused the uneven holes. he also kind of cauterized the outside of my nostrils that were also uneven, it looks like a scar now. i could not put on earphone anymore on one of my ears because after that ball that i was allergic to was taken out, it made a watery blister, hypergranulated or formed into a tissue that prevent earphones to be placed due to the bump. but it was the least of my concern. not to mention it looks like an intestine.
    i am now dealing with uneven nostril holes and because of that, whn i take a picture my nose also shows that the other side is small. if only i could turn back time, i should have said no. it was my body and money anyway. the only thing i could compliment was how the bridge was done which was supposed to be what i requested and told him to do only. i could not also put my pinky finger on my nostril because it's too small. i have a straight line scar below my eyes and the eye bags is still there on one side.
    please don't go to shimmian manila. it's really true that the pics they show is not done by dr levi but dr jung in korea. you will see because, the faces are not filipino looking but koreans. i also met with one lady that complained that she could not breathe on one nostril. for me, the nostril that was small has a lesser breathing force.
    if ever, you want to have rhinoplasty, make sure you discuss with your doctor what you want and if it's possible not to have alarplasty if you only need bridge job, don't. at least don't have it done outside where scars will show. i still have a lot of concerns but you might say i'm a complainer. i'm just a normal person who wanted a simple job done but there are some people who don't understand what conservative means. if the doctors can do, closed technique, i think its better so that you breathing wont be distorted and just go to belo maybe. just not shimmian.
  13. I'm so sad to read what you've had to go through. Would you mind if you shared your pictures?
  14. How about Bangkok, any good surgeon in Bangkok?
  15. sorry, i just got your message now. can i email them to you? my before and after pics. i suggest you just go to dr ed yap and make sure you ask him every specific detail he plans to do with your nose and decide if you agree or not and go to plenty of doctors before deciding who to have it done. good luck. what is you email add?