(asian primary rhino, DES) any recs in NJ/NY? or wait & have it done in korea?


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Mar 22, 2019
hi all, i've been a lurker for a while but i'm finally at the point where i can seriously consider a rhinoplasty (excited!)

i'm korean-american, female, 20. i have the typical flat nose with bulbous tip and no nose bridge; also have a slight hump. i don't hate how i look, but i would like to improve it, and my mother (korean immigrant with eyes & nose done) wants me to do these surgeries enough that she'll pay for it.

my options are:
  1. get rhino & DES done now in the states, with a doctor in the NJ/NY area. problems: having trouble finding doctors with a sizable east asian portfolio, and results seem conservative for those who do.
  2. wait until COVID restrictions are lifted and go to korea. problem: would have to wait to go with my sister in ~4 years, worried about aftercare & follow-ups if something goes wrong.
for the rhino i'm aiming for a more refined tip, higher bridge, and to narrow the width from a front view. SK doctors seem to align with that aesthetic the most; i was looking at UVOM, wannabe PS, and cocoline. i don't have an ideal DES look yet because my mother wants me to do that more than i do, i'm indifferent.

for US doctors i have mainly been looking at william lao and jimmy C. sung in NY, but dr. lao's results seem more conservative than i'd like & i can't find too many pictures for dr. sung.

which option should i opt for & does anyone have recs for NJ/NY doctors experienced with east asian patients? would love to hear. thank you!
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