Asian Nose Job 3

  1. hey has anyone heard anything from Artts lately?? i think she should have her rhinoplasty done by now... i would love to hear how her experience with was. quite anxious to hear an update from her.
  2. My nose has definitely improved alot from my last semi-botched nosejob. But my alar was still a bit uneven after the surgery (I had this problem after last surgery), after a week when the stitches were removed, I went back to the clinic and told receptionists that I wanted to meet Dr Jung to discuss a problem with my nose, I saw him after a short wait and he agreed to help me fix my alar problem right the next day (just a small surgery done with local anesthesia in 30 minutes) :smile:. I can say so far im pretty happy with my nose after the 2nd surgery, its still big and swollen but I can see the improvements
  3. I think I'll get there on Sept. 6th... but I haven't booked my tickets yet. When are you arriving again?

    I think I'm going to get a few consultations and schedule surgery asap... but if you find a good salon, let's go together! I really want to get a digiperm, and that lasts like four hours. So does Magic Straight (I used to get that a lot when I was a teen) so we can keep each other company :smile:

    Anyway, email me/pm me and we can talk deets. :biggrin:
  4. Check your email! :biggrin:
    (PS: if there are other users that haven't received a response back from me, please bear with me, I'm very busy! I will try to respond within a week.)
  5. Hi Via,

    Can I please email you in regards to your doctor and procedure, I really want to stay in Aus to do it, just can't find a doc who specializes in asian noses. TIA
  6. @via hey, we have the same before nose!!! I got mine done in may and my tip is still round and not Sharp. I'm glad to hear about your successful result.
  7. hey did u tell the surgeon that u wanted a smaller nose?? what material did u use for the tip?? was it done from a surgeon in korea??
  8. Hi Flnxo

    Are you going to Korea on Jul?

    I also plan to go 19 Jul looking for buddies

    When are you going?

  9. Hi cheerykiss

    I was planning to travel on 19 Jul can you pm

    I want to have nose rhinoplasty
  10. O yeah! My tip was huge. Even bigger when I smiled. I used gortex for my bridge, ear for tip then I had alar reduction and tip defatting. Yep I did it in Korea
  11. Rohnin:

    Have you had your surgery, and how did it go? Thanks.
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    I just saw a Korean celebrity with a very beautiful nose- Park Gyuri.

    People say it is her eyes that make her look mixed- but then I think she uses eyelid tape/ glue for her eyes since sometimes they look big (and Western-shaped) with a double-eyelid and sometimes she has an Asian monolid lol. That and maybe circle lens too.

    I think it is really her nose that contributes the most to her "mixed" look. God I wish I had her nose, it suits her perfectly. We have very similar features, EXCEPT for the nose (well...and eyes too because I have naturally big eyes). Not that I want to look like her or anything...I just want my face to be harmonized like hers. Anyone know a surgeon who can turn a wide blobby nose into a nose like Park Gyuri's? Hook me up please?

    Would Dr. Wang be able to do it? Any good AMERICAN doctors before I hop the boat to go overseas? I really don't want to if I don't have to. The only reason I would go overseas is because I've read that doctors there are more experienced with Asian-type and Asian noses than Western doctors.

    Here is Park Gyuri :

    With Asian-looking eyes:

    With dark circle lens and/or eyelid glue/tape that makes her eyes look Western too:
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    ups sory double post ----
  14. Hi Greatnose!
    May I know where did you get this china doctor from?
    Ive been become passive reader to this thread and coincidently I've had pre-maxilarry implant (like this : years ago .
    From first time i was unsatisfied with its result. it look unnatural when i speak or smile. my smile look terrible (teeth cant showed fully...) and eventough the projection (side profile view) is the only thing that get aesthetically better ,..but still in return it make my upper lip distance with nose look longer from the original! now I just want to remove it in hope can bring my smile expression back but I also still want to keep the forward projection of my nasal base..

    Im very curious with this china doctor method or dr wang method...if theres method that can pull out this nasal base area without ruined smiles expression?

    I saw this other technique (number 3 = ) Is it similar with dr wang method to pull out the nasal base?
    and I wonder if this technique wont make smiles expression unnatural but still can give projection that we need?

    because i saw the before after from dr wang for this area are great! means it doesnt make upper lip longer (which ruined smile) but still can give much projection forward that we need, even it can give effect like such that "pull" of the subnasale creates a cute "tethered curl" -where the upper lip meets the base of the nose (which I wanted from my personal aesthetic reasons) I think who had this procedure would understand what I'm talking about.

    For anyone who had this kind procedure please please kindly share? Thanks in advance! :smile:
  15. No it won't... It'll be hard... Trust me, after 8 months still very hard!