Asian Nose Job 3

  1. Hi, it has been 1.5mth after nose job and vline in Korea. Now my right nostril look bigger and higher than my left nostril which makes my nose slant to one side... please let me know if anyone experience this and will even out over time or did I just get a bad nose job? I am not sure if this is due to swelling but this is depressing.....:cry:
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    I'm sorry to hear..maybe go back for a revision? Should be free of charge, but even then you'll be shelling out a couple of thousands for ticket and hotel. Where may I ask did you get your nose job done..?
  3. Did you get an implant and/or use cartilage graft to the tip? I had ear cartilage graft to my tip in the past and had the same problem. It's *possible* that it's uneven swelling but at 1.5 months, probably not. Sorry to hear that your results aren't satisfactory so far but don't worry, it can be fixed! My asymmetry was not that obvious, but I had it fixed after almost 3 years.
  4. In any case with your doctor and / or health professional, you should always let them know about your past medical history, whether it may be plastic surgery procedures or not. You should always be honest and don't leave anything out.

    I'm sure your doctor will not judge you on it, but it's always best to lay everything out on the table to avoid complications.
  5. Hi everyone,

    I've decided to do a rhinoplasty in South Korea. I've been checking out dr Kim Byung Gun at BK. Does anybody know if he's good? Experiences? Price?
  6. Hi everyone....just wondering if anyone has any abdominal lipo experience to share with me. Thinking of heading to Seoul in Nov. My first ps so I would appreciate any and all tips! Also anything about clinics and doctors! Thank u!
  7. I'm also going at the end of the year for two weeks to see Dr Choe at ITEM, Banobagi and Dr Jung. I'm a newbie member doing my primary rhino and eyes for asymmetry correction - would be great to hear from others going around this time! :smile:
  8. Does anyone know how I can view B&A photos on here?
  9. Hey guys and girls IM currently in Seoul and I had my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Jung at shimmian give days agoago I'm still swollen up, I'll post some pics when the swelling is down, anyone in Seoul now? I I'm staying until 28
  10. I finally booked it :smile: Anyone in Korea early July?
  11. Anyone here have had tiplasty? I had rhino in January 2012 of this year and looking for someone who's had their tip done? Bay Area doctors for Asian patients?
  12. kitkatbar,
    omg, congrats on going through with it bravely! i can't believe i'm still stuck in contemplation! hope your healing is going well and can't wait to hear about your results! hope you like it?!!
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    Hey! I'm planning to be in Seoul for a rhinoplasty in September! I haven't booked my tickets yet... :smile:
  14. Hello PForumers!
    I am planning to go to Korea for a rhinoplasty in Sept. I have a relatively high bridge, and tall nose, but my tip is blunt and the general base of my nose is wide. Since I don't necessarily need/want a taller nose, I'm only planning to get tip plasty and probably alarplasty as well. Is there any forumer out there who did this? And would like to share their results/experience? I'm very keen on knowing what the recovery process is like. Since there isn't any implants I'm assuming/hoping it's shorter? But from what I've read on the forum, it seems a lot of forumers experienced HUGE swelling... Share your experience with me please!!! :biggrin:
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    Hey, sure - the more the merrier. I'll send you a message later. My tickets are already booked! I have a few days for sightseeing/walking around before I have surgery at VIP. So we can definitely meet up! What day do you think you'd be arriving into Seoul?

    Even if you aren't considering VIP as your clinic, I was thinking about setting up a lunch/dinner event where everyone can just meet everyone going through the same procedure. :biggrin:
    I'm also looking for a hair salon to have "japanese hair straightening" done (again), I think they call it "magic perm" over in Korea though..