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  1. No problem on the email.

    :nogood: I remember receiving similar emails to a couple of clinics I inquired to. There are times when I would "understand" what they were trying to tell me. "The outcome of your nose surgery will be enhanced even more if you do this and that since the nose is just a part of the whole face...." But then again, I don't get why they have to be soooooooo persistent in having us do auxiliary surgeries when we already said no. I mean, "no" is already universal as is and even saying "아니 (ani)" won't back them down.

    Some clinics may have good reviews, but if money is their driving factor, then I would head the opposite direction or go next door to find clinic who will be as passionate as me about making me beautiful.
  2. Thanks for all these ideas! I'll definitely make a shortlist of the clinics that are appealing to me and email their consultants. On your location it says you're from China? Mind sharing your personal experience with rhinoplasty? :smile:
  3. As soon as I decided to get a revision, I thought about rib cartilage also. Although I don't mind having a hard nose myself, I'm more concerned with the complications of possible warping of the lung area. My original nose is very small (as in the nose head) thus septal cartilage wouldn't be a great choice either unless I want my nose to collapse. I'm more interested in ear cartilage!

    Personally I have yet to email any clinics about price and procedure however I don't like pushy sales either. So far on my mind I'm interested in Pitangui, JW, ID and VIP, though I have yet to check out ID and VIP completely. But I've seen great reviews about VIP.
  4. Same here! I'm still a uni student! I try not to let the price get in the way of decision however I do have a budget around USD5-6k only for a revision. I've seen some posts previously saying Pitangui can do revision for only 3k? Can anyone validate this? Or does anyone have an approximate pricing for rhinoplasty for each clinic?
  5. i think someone asked, i just had my nose lifted, if that's the right term, and tip defined. my alars are just right for my face so i don't feel like has to be cut.
  6. Does anyone has a specific experience of revising rib nose to silicone or other foreign implant?? Please advice, especially any doctor in taiwan.
    Reason being, i had my first rhinoplasty with VIP using rib cart, then revise it in taiwan last year with dr kao. Still unhappy with the result, especially the tip, its as bulbous as ever, and the tip became upturned. Seriously after the revision, i am regretting it. I think i much rather had a too high nose from vip than the current one. But i dont think i have enough cartilage to redo my nose anymore, since i have taken both sides of my nose and also the rib cart=(( I case is pretty severe. but i would appreciate some solid recommendation.
    Foreign implant of cos is the last resort i would go for, but .... i just dont think i have anymore cart tissue of my own....and i think revisional rib rhino would also costs that much more....
  7. After all the clinics that replied, I seem most comfortable with pitangui but then again i would have to see them in real life first before I make a decision.
  8. I actually just found out about pitangui yesterday. I asked for my case, tip plasty revision and they quoted 1,600-2,100. That is the lowest price I've seen. I also asked about a revision with silicone. It was about 2,600-3,200.

    Price is convincing honestly. But anyway you can chat with them on skype. I believe they do video chats.
  9. May I ask why you had your first revision after VIP? Was it because the results turned out to be another 'VIP nose'? Or was it just too high for your liking? Did you inform the surgeon with what kind of nose you were after in the beginning before the surgery? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions! Just that VIP is one of the clinics I'll be visiting for a revision rhinoplasty (cartilage only from primary implant).

    I currently have a primary silicone implant that I'd like to remove and get rib or ear cartilage instead. Personally I wouldn't suggest any foreign material into body. Not like my nose is particularly bad right now (few flaws that only I can notice) but from my research, complications will increase with foreign materials thus I don't recommend the silicone implant method to anyone. But that's just my experience. Some might have fantastical experience with their silicone nose and have yet to face any problem.
  10. Thanks heaps for asking for revision rhinoplasty! That's with silicone though I'm guessing with cartilage it would be slightly more. I'll definitely have an online consultation with them after coming up with a set list of the clinics I'll be visiting.
  11. The first nose from VIP was way too high and long for me. When i consulted dr kao and dr hsu in taiwan, they both agreed. I would not want foreign material in my body too, since i think my body is the weak type and is prone to infection, but all those 2 major surgeries have left me with no more own cartilage to use, i believe. I might be a hopeless case. Now, after dr kao had taken what i believe to be too much of rib cartilage out, it left my tip upturned a little, and the nostrils are showing.
    Now i really regretted to have asked him to fix the nose. I much rather have a too huge nose than a upturned short nose=((
    But not like any other revision where people replace silicone with rib cart, i might have to choose the reverse or else i dont know how to do. Sad.
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    Getting a nose job has cross my mind since young just that I wasn't really serious back then but now I guess I really want to.

    I really don't know where to start. Hope you guys could give me some info to work on:cry:. Here's the picture

    Pretty similar to this pic
    This is how it looks like when I relax my nose. I made it a habit to suck my nose in to make less wide and big. Under certain lighting it looks decent to me.

    It's the top part, right above the alar that makes it look big and chunky. I emailed Dr Woffles and Dr Martin. So far only Dr Woffles has replied back but didn't say or give me any general/rough ideas on what needs to be done. Need to meet him in person first but I can't since I'll be overseas for a while.

    Did check out Dr Jung from Korea. He looks more convincing to me. Been scouring his before and after rhinoplasty pictures but can't find one that matches mine.

    If possible I don't really want to have implants. I just want to make the sides look narrower PERMANENTLY
  13. Yes, I am Chinese but I think that I am more Filipino since I spend more time going in and out of the Philippines. Personal experience? Soon. :smile: I am going in June with my friend and this will be my first surgery so I really can't give you more apart from what I've read online and from this forum.
  14. I think that Pitangui's prices for primary and revision are the same, or almost the same. They are cheaper than others because Their prices are the same for locals and foreigners. But I don't think that this reflects the quality of work that they do since prices are commonly a reflection of the quality. This does however mean more money for shopping. :presents:
  15. I remember reading a procedure where the surgeon tightens the nasal tip cartilage and removes excess subcutaneous tissues and fats if the tip is too fat. I don't recall the specific name of the procedure but maybe that can help if you do not want to have any implants.