Asian Nose Job 3

  1. I heard Vietnam had a clinic that adapt Korean style nose survey.its called Nang Mui clinic.u can google it

    I found that link which has some of the "top plastic surgeons" in japan. I couldnt find the previous one as it was almost 3years ago i saw it!! But im sure youll be able to see the type in the links above :smile:

    Also found that one too.

    Otsuka and Plaza Plastic seem to be the top surgeon in Japan.

    Also with vietnam there is a doctor who does quite good surgery. There is a girl on soompi who did it and i can ask where she got it -

    Also wondering, does anyone here know anyone who got their nose in Malaysia?? Cos i know my dad knows ppl and I thought if i go there i can get it cheaper but i wanna know what its like first!!

  4. Most people from Malaysia & Singapore go to Korea/China/Japan

    Even the very best docs in Singapore are not 'all that'
    Regardless of this, in Singapore, M Huang & W Wu charge very high prices not reflective of their quality of work
  5. Thanks for the site. Wow, I wonder how many surgeries each of them has! They are beyond recognition. Very impressive, beautiful!
  6. Have been emailing with Dr Wang Ting and he is the one who replied those email personally, not his staff :O

    For those interested, here is a quote of our conversation :

    "1) How much does rib rhinoplasty cost?
    If this is your first rhinoplasty, that will be 30,000RMB more.

    2) What does it includes? Bridge, tip and? Osteotomy?
    Apart from osteotomy(3,000RMB more), bridge and tip are included for free.

    3) What methods are used to prevent the cartilage from warping?
    I use graft design and grafts conter-warping inter-act methods. I abandon method of K-wire or carving prevention method recently. "

    I am more worried about part 3, whereby he stopped using K-wire technique RECENTLY. Which means the method he is using now to prevent cartilage from warping is still unstable! Right?

    Price wise is definitely very attractive.

    I have done a very quick research on Dalian, which is in northeast China and was named as one of the three Best Tourism Cities in 2007, which I guess we shouldn't be too worried about the environment since it is rated that by NTA.
    Saw some pics, pretty modern, transportation wise is also by metro, cabs, and temperature during March will be around 0~7 degrees.

    I am 90% sure that I'm going to him, just need him to reply me the rest of my doubts and will get myself the air ticket.

    Anyone interested to go as well? Most probably 10th March!

    Will update you guys for sure. :smile:
  7. oh so i guess he can speak english then? that is a big plus for me, not having to wrry about any communication barriers. im sure if ur worried about the warping prevention methods cant u juss request k-wire for ure surgery then? wow thanks for posting ure research on the area, helps me get an idea of what Dalian is like. pls keep us all informed and good luck :smile:
  8. Wow u got a reply! How long did it take for him to reply back?? I emailed him almost a week ago and havent heard anything... Him and dream clinic are the only ones I am waiting for.
    But he seems really good. His nose surgeries are amazing and the price does look VERY attractive. 3,000rmb is really cheap!!

    So far I have emailed
    Dr Jung
    OZ clinic
    Dr wang

    All but the last two have replied back. At the moment Dr Jung, Vip, bk and Oz are my top but my sister just said OZ arent actually that good??

    I will probably go in a yeara time. Gonna have bulbous tip plasty, hump reducation and wide bridge reduction with possible implant. Not too sure about the implant yet. 50% of Doctors have had mixed opinions...
  9. I have also emailed him about pricing and staying at the hotel this is what he wrote to me: reply back- 2 days ^_^
    Yes, I make rib cartilage into dorsal, paranasal and all tip rhinoplasty grafts. Alar base reduction add-on costs 3,000 RMB(less than 500USD) more to basic rhinoplasty-30,000RMB more. Hotel rate is about 150 RMB per day.

    If you need more information, please do not hesitant to contact with us.


    Dr. Wang Ting
    Can somebody sum up what this email says? It's a little confusing to me O.o oh and btw the hotel rates are DIRT cheap O.o yayyy!!
    I also sent him another email asking him the price of paranasals and premaxillary implants wonder how long it will take him to respond, anyways! ill post everything up on the forum for those who are curious as well :smile:
  10. Nice job
  11. @taeyang123: Yes, WT speaks English.

    @before_after: Well done! Pls keep us posted on your findings.
  12. thanks for keeping us updated
  13. Hi,

    I'm new to this forum but I've been researching asian nose jobs for quite awhile...however I'm very reluctant to go out of the country so that doesn't leave me with many options in the U.S. I've looked into a lot of the names that have been thrown around on the forum but I don't see that many with thick bulbous noses that actually showed that much of difference after the procedure.

    I've been looking into this guy in the Seattle area and I have a nose similar to the first set of photos in the following link. I really like the result and the fact that he seemed to get the bulbousness down quite a bit and the width of the nose was reduced. What do others think of the result? Does it look natural to you?

    Thanks in advance!
  14. wow lol i plan to have the exact same procedures done as u except the whole implant part. i also plan to go within a years time :smile: lol