Asian Nose Job 3

  1. can u go more into detail about the laser treatment u had for de-swelling? i have never hear of it before, only the steroid injections.
  2. lol i wouldnt get ur hopes up about doctors in the states. they r so clueless when it comes to ethnic noses. half of the ppl on this forum are getting revisions from doctors botching their noses in the states. i know china sounds scary but tht kind of stuff happens everywhere, especially when a country isnt as developed as north america. is going to korea not an option for u as well?
  3. iran and the middle east in general are known for being quite cheap when it comes to plastic surgery. some persian girl at my old high school went there to shave the bump off her bridge and fix her bulbous tip and she looked rlly pretty after, but she was still pretty before. i didnt think that middle eastern doctors would be skilled at augmenting the bridge. most middle easterns have quite high noses.
  4. Hi kichichan,

    How long for ur procedure?.and do u stay at the hospital or can go to the hotel after ops??
  5. Hi everyone -

    I haven't been on this forum in several months, and noticed that there were a few inquiries asking about my experience with Dr Chow. Rather than addressing each post, I thought it would be easier to just post an update.

    It's been close to a year since Dr Chow performed my rhino, and unfortunately I will need a revision. Now that the swelling has gone down (close to a year post surgery), there are a large noticeable bumps on the osteotomy site, the cartilage tip graft is showing through the tip, and a piece of cartilage has slipped from my nose and is poking into my mouth between my lip and gums. It's pretty obvious at this point that I've had a nose job, and a botched one at that.

    I really don't think there are American doctors that can do what Korean surgeons can do. If you have the option, it's probably much better to just go overseas.

    If anyone has questions, feel free to PM me.
  6. KK you changed your travel dates? QQ
    not gonna be in seoul on the 5th?

    I'll be leaving in 9 frikkin days XD
    excited but also nervous lol!

    will update here what clinic I decide to go with :smile:

    speedy recovery to those who already went under the knife!
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    Oh~! I'll be there on the 5th, but later that day, or more likely, the following day, I'll be out of town. I still plan/hope to meet you! :smile:
  8. WOW. I'm sorry to hear that... Good luck with your revision. Hopefully this will be your first and last revision!
  9. ahh Icic!

    I might do genioplasty so not sure if we can have a filling lunch together - or we could opt for smoothie king :biggrin:
  10. :biggrin: You're leaving soon right?
    Are you done with the crazy work schedule you put yourself through? Gosh, three jobs... can't imagine...
  11. you know what, inspite of
    busting my butt off, I didn't make nearly as much as I'd of liked to lol! /fail

    also I've been busy so didn't check the forums. u know I was supposed to bunk up with Shane right? I just read he's already done with his surgeries XD
    something with butt skin..? :'D

    have you had any luck narrowing down ur list?
    mines slowly getting bigger! ahhh
  12. you've no idea how much my list has grown... Every time I edit it, it grows again... I just stopped researching... I'll resume once it gets closer to my surgery date...

    Hmm... Even if he's finished with his surgery, I believe he'll be staying in Seoul until late August... maybe the 26th? You should check the "best plastic surgery in korea" thread... he posted it up there. So, maybe you can bunk with him during the recovery period..?

    Otherwise, if you want really cheap accommodations, I booked mine here:

    It's kind of spartan, but bobbycat and I are going to tough it out. LOLs
  13. I mean, I thought I'd go for genio and rhino if I could afford it. then thought of two jaw. then back to rhino/genio and now I've "discovered" another solution called aso lol!

    I guess I'll stop too and let the doctors choose the procedures for me :b

    awesome you found a roomie!
    is it the same place u showed me before?
    that place looked cozy I thought lol!

    Wow, this Ting Ting girl looked much better after the surgery!
    I wish Dr. Wang would respond to the email I sent to him. ): I have no idea why he completely ignored my email. I've sent him one with a consultation request and then one to remind him that it's not professional to ignore enquiries.

    Shame on him. Oh well.
    It's also such a shame that we haven't heard back from others that supposedly went to Dr. Wang.... Could there be a reason? :: rubs chin ::
  15. Hey :smile:

    Sorry to intrude on your convo but I was wondering what is ASO? I have seen it mentioned before on these threads and I am quite curious!!

    Thanks ^^