Asian Nose Job 3

  1. Some of us will be in Seoul then. Ill be there too from 13th-27th :smile:
  2. If you can tag along with someone or share accommodation you can save a hell of a lot or even try and stay in the clinic guest house etc
    Flights are around £600 - £900 depending who you go with and when you go. Obv peak season be more expensive. For me March with a cheap airline was around 700 - 800 and hotel be about 600 if i go alone for 14days. But i have someone im going with so be like half the price!!

    With surgery as well you can always haggle too - but itll probs be around 3000 rough estimate.

    So really you would want at least around 5000 for everything!!
  3. Hey you! Got no problems sharing accommodation or tagging along with others. Helps make everything a little easier and it's nice to be able to be around someone who's going through the same thing as you. Thanks! Just need a good idea of how much I'll need approximately.
  4. Hi, yes I will be having my surgery on the 14th and leaving on the 27th. A few of us are going I think. If you look at Schrodinger's post on the page before this (p 122) you can add your details of your scheduled visit to Seoul on the link. Or pm me if you wanna know my plans! :smile:
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    Sorry again, guys! I've done some more research but I've got a billion more questions! If anyone could give me any quotes or rough estimates they got from any of the following for primary rhinoplasty, that'd be GREAT! Do they generally include anesthetic in the price? Do any of these places charge for consultations/give discounts for students or multiple surgeries? I know one of them offers free consultations, can't remember which...

    - Shimmian (according to site, it's $4500 which sounds good to me, does that include anesthetic?)

    - Grand

    - ChungDamNu/ChungDamU?

    - VIP (heard VIP is quite expensive, and some disagreement about whether price is justifiable)

    - Teuim (backup if money is an issue!)

    - BK (iirc, dan4me went there and apparently, price isn't too bad! but from another post, some have conflicting views on the service at BK)

    Lastly (for now, at least! :p) has anyone here used Gore Tex implants with/without cartilage in the tip? Just want to get an idea of your experiences! If I'm being annoying, please say so! :-s
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    Did anyone hear about this btw?

    Edit: Adding to that, also found this on CozyCot, scroll down to the very long post by ilovethelotus.

    Don't mean to scare anyone, and obviously we've all got to make our own decisions, but I read back on the other Asian Nose Job thread that Dr Jung seemed like he was in a rush to get off during a consultation with one of the users on here. And apparently, he's an ENT and not a plastic surgeon...

    Shimmian might be wiped off my list, for that alone... Whether it's true or not, who knows.

    Adding to the top list, anyone know anything more about Dream Clinic? Or any clinics which are famous with celebrities or ulzzangs lol?

    Can anyone share any advice about Gore-Tex V.S. rib? ._. That's my main dilemma right now. SORRY, GUYS (and girls!)
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    Hi all

    any good suggestions for nose job in Seoul? I have super flat nose bridge and would like something be done. Was thinking of fillers as substitute as I am afraid of actual surgery but I understand the rhinoplasty is very common. however, I am visiting Seoul in 11 Oct.

    I have emailed the following:

    1. OZ - replied and only recommended nose/chin
    2. Won Jin - replied, but disappointed.
    3. Sonebk
    4. Human Clinic
    5. KSamsung
    6. Best Plastic Surgery

    for no. 3 to 6, I just send them my enquiry. Has anyone heard of them? I saw the discussion of Won Jin in Asian Nose Job 2 so I wrote to them but the reply from the girl was hilarious and pricing was not consistent for CO2 fraxel laser. So from this it made me wonder their integrity. When I sent them my pictures, the girl asked me where I did my double eyelids, which I have never done anything at all!

    As for OZ, the reply was very straight forward and fast and to the point after I sent my pictures to the doctor.

    would appreciate if anyone can provide some feed back on all the above and any other good suggestions or recommendations.

    Edit: I sent the same pictures to both Oz and Won Jin

  8. I am now scared. lol.
  9. Hi
    Yes please, I would love to know your plans at korea.^^. I have also research many other forums regarding korea clinics, we could share with it each other =)
    How can I chat with you online? Here is my msn
  10. Which day is the best to do surgery? Surgery on Monday, I am afraid that the surgeon and nurses do not have the mood for surgery after their weekend break - they might forget what I had mentioned to them during the consultation on the previous Friday. While on the other hand, I am also worry if the surgery is on Friday, which could led to the surgeon and nurses rushing through the surgery and make it a simple one since it is the last weekday of the week, hence very busy.

    Which day is the best to do surgery?
  11. Can I ask the members going to Seoul this September, is anyone hiring a translator?
  12. yes its her!!! her username is Artts for this forum. i rely hope if she went that she lets us all know how her experience was. i really wanna go to this doc, but need to be 100 percent confident first.
  13. i dont rlly think thats true. if theres no need of getting a bridge augmentation then why get one?? if the only problem is ure tip area then getting it fixed should produce good results. i think depending on what materials (ear or rib cartilage) u use for the tip will have a factor in whether u get drastic results or not.
  14. lol im glad to hear that ure results turned out nice :smile: so how come the doctor didnt raise ure bridge with rib cartilage after he removed the hump?
  15. lol thanks for the horror story. ya ive heard some pretty scary stories about china. i dont rlly think thats something would partake in though. im sure there would be warnings against surgeons tht do tht, i hope for my sake. and tht girl who died went to a hospital in Beijing or shanghai, not sure which one to get her nose done. it wasn't by the in dalian.