Asian Nose Job 3

  1. Nice job
  2. I'm so glad they started a new Asian Nose Job 3.

    Seems like Asian Nose Job 2 revolve so much around VIP .

    I hope we can start new on this thread and discuss other clinics and doctors not just in Korea . But also in Japan and China where there are some hidden talents to be discover :smile:

    May everyone succeed in their Endeavor //
  3. Oh ya, I heard Japan's rhinoplasty is the best but it is very expensive. Therefore, not many people explore Japan.
  4. Checking on Asian Nose Job thread has become one of my hobbies now!!
  5. If only i had some connections to Japan. I see so many beautiful Japanese Celebrities and im sure some of them had something done to their face /
  6. I heard Japan is really good for rhinoplasty but yeah it is expensive. I think it matches the western cost or even more because Japan is more expensive in general anyway.

    I seen b+a pictures once a while ago and they make the nose very pointy and high, like caucasian nose. Unless that was the Dr's speciality or if the patients just wanted that but for me I still prefer the Korean or Dr Wangs nose job as theyre more asian/eurasian !!
    But the b+a pics were amazing for the Japanese nose job! Like really impressive...
  7. hey if u know the website would u be able to post the link to the before and after pictures? im curious as to how japanese style plastic surgery differs from that of korea and china. are they big on using natural materials for the nose? or do clinics there prefer using implants?

    thanks :smile:
  8. google verite clinic
    its the only one i can think of
  9. Mmmeee too!!! I think I'm obess!! Everyday 2x a day!! :lol:
  10. Hey there,
    I'm going to korea on march 26 and will be there for a week. please let me know if anyone is interested in sharing hotels cost and such! I promise I'm very supportive! :smile:
  11. cant see your pic on your profile :sad:
  12. Has anyone heard of reputable plastic surgeons in Vietnam? Especially in Saigon. Vietnam is quickly becoming a developed country with lots of wealthy people with disposable income. Hmm
  13. hi is anyone planning to go to seoul last week of april??
  14. Nope. Most, if not all, of the wealthy people here go abroad to Korea, Japan or Thailand. I did my first nose job in VN and it was bad.