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  1. hi, all,

    so eager beaver that i am i decided to get right on starting a new thread after the old one was closed after reaching 5,000 posts!

    here is a link to the last page:

    i personally found it very helpful but have not gone for any surgery yet, so let's get together and talk ;). i do not yet have a surgeon decided upon myself and this forum will continue to be a source of help for me.

    i am still very much leaning towards surgery in seoul, south korea, but am currently disappointed to not have heard back from many surgeons i have tried to contact :sad: but perhaps they are just busy...

    i'm also very scared off by the horror stories of bk clinic and a little daunted by the different doctor-patient relationship expected there, because while i would not want to show the doctor there any disrespect by accident, i do not know the customs there and i heard it is not very known for patients to ask questions about technicalities of the surgery. i don't want to offend them but sometimes it just really helps me to "visualize" or comprehend a possible turn-out for results... and whether it is in line with one's own aesthetics... i have also read random good stories about clinics in seoul on other boards such as makemeheal but those users have long gone on with their lives :smile:, which is a good thing for them, congrats.

    so let's keep talking, i do enjoy your company ;)

    message for shinangel,

    thank you sooo much for the info about your experience with dr. lansangan... i hope so very much that you are well and everything else is well with you too... i actually think you are very pretty and have really nice skin, hugs, girl.
  2. Hi Curiious, I just had asian rhinoplasty in Seoul, South Korea at the Banobagi Plastic Surgery and Beauty Center with Dr. Lee. He is an outstanding surgeon in every way. I will recommend him to friends and family. Before selecting Dr. Lee as my surgeon, I consulted with surgeons in Beverly Hills, CA and decided to seek out a surgeon who had a larger volume of experience working with asian rhinoplasty and facial features. There is no shortage of plastic surgery centers in Seoul, but I think the surgeons volume of experience, patient reviews, on your own evaluation of the doctors portfolio and understanding of what you want will lead you to a select few places.

    Banobagi's website is in Korean with no option for English. During my research phase, I copied and pasted the website links into Google Translator which was pretty helpful. It was a lot more complicated than other Korean surgeon sites that translate into English website, but the before and after portfolio at the Banobagi website features more patient outcomes and very happy patient written reviews. Also, Dr. Lee has his own personal blog on the website and you can see his patient blog their own before and after experiences and how much they love him. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

    Main page:
    Before and After:
    Patient reviews:

    Everything is in Korean on the web but the doctor does speak fluent English. If you want information about costs, setting any appointment, etc... you can contact Dr. Lee's English speaking assistant Sunny Kim at:

    Phone: (011) 82-2-1588-6508

    Sunny is an amazingly warm and compassionate person; she attended school in Englad so her English is perfect. She will help english speaking patients through every step of the process from beginning to end. She was literally in holding my hand while the nurse set up the IV drip. :love: The center will give you everything you need for post op care including gel ice packs, gauze, q tips, antibiotics, ointment to apply to the stiches, peroxide to clean the nose, even pumpkin juice to help with the normal post op swelling! :tup:

    The surgery center rivals the best of the best facilities I visited in Beverly Hills. Dr. Lee's patient outcomes even exceed, in my opinion, some of the before and after pics you'll see for asian rhinoplasty on famous Dr. 90210 surgeon websites. Banobagi Plastic Surgery and Beauty Center is immaculately clean and the staff is committed to excellence. They will greet you enthusiastically every time you arrive and leave. They will also ensure that you are not ever waiting too long and are always comfortable. They run an outstanding center and you can feel confident that you will be well cared for. I am very happy with the results of my procedure and feel strongly that anyone going overseas for asian rhinoplasty should put Dr. Lee on their surgeon consult list.

    Leaving Seoul in 2 days and will post before and after pics then. Hope this info helps. :love:
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    Very nice any pics of the new center?

    I went there before the new center..

    I did mine with jus ear carilage

    after one year.. i feel it has shrunk by 20%.

    In fact i liked the outlook during the 'swell' period for the first month.

    If anything i think a little goretex/sili is ok and will bring gd projection which will produce nice effect esp under camera.
  4. anyway anyone know of a Dr Kim opening a clinic in singapore..

    cant remember but i read it in some forums a while back..
  5. Have you tried asking questions in the forum section of their websites?

    The clinics that advertise in English, should have nurses and doctors that speak English. So, I wouldn't worry about the language gap.

    What you said about a doctor's preferences are true. It's really important to understand what they find beautiful, because it will affect your look when they operate. If you tell them you're from a different country, and don't mean to come off as rude it might help.
  6. Hi Niptuckk,

    I didn't take any pics of the center. They have pics of their entire facility online though...

  7. hi thanks.. i wonder how much they charge now for a nose revision?

    since i have done with him b4.. any idea how much?
  8. May I ask whether you got silicone,gortex or cartilage? And what was the cost? thanks =)
  9. I know a lot of people are thinking about BK in seoul. I actually live 5 minute walk frmo their. if ne one needs help Ill be glad to help you :smile:
  10. Oh by the way, after getting a nose job, did ne one notice more prominent laugh lines? i didnt have any, and its been a year now. and now they show. i thought it was bc my face structure changed... its really strange
  11. Jamasian, thank you for sharing us your experience about your procedure under Dr. Lee. I am one of the waiting member here who wants to see your before and after pics. I have few questions though, how much is rhinoplasty under Dr Lee? Is it a silicone or a gore-tex transplant?
  12. hi, everyone! thanks so much for responses because i was so worried that when the old thread died (well, closed because of maximum posts reached) that i'd have an even harder time finding people to talk about this with so thank you!...

    message for jamasian:
    thanks so much for the link directly to the before & afters! especially since i would've NEVER been able to find it by myself so thank you :biggrin:!

    the pics do look amazing and i hope your healing continues to go well! best of luck! i do think i will message the clinic soon, now that i heard you say that they have people fluent in english which will definitely help! thank you for coming in with your story and i'm very excited for you to see results! hope you like it!!!

    message for KPP:
    thanks very much for that tip! i did look through their consultation boards and stuff and they do seem to speak english (i didn't think to click there before because i'd assumed it'll all be in korean, haha), i guess now i am more worried that i will somehow offend them culturally, i hope not! haha. are you keen on any particular clinics?
  13. I guess I'll get right on to creating my Caucasian Nose Job thread...
  14. ^^^Do it!!!!!! :biggrin:
  15. Hi Niptuckk,

    Dr. Lee told me that if I needed revisions at anytime due to failure or infection of the primary procedure, he would do the revision without charge. If the primary procedure accomplished the goals the two of you had come up with together during the surgical planning and you have a new goal in mind, then it would seem fair for him to charge for the second surgery. Call him or email him and see what he has to say, I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from you being you are one of his patients.


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