Asian Kimono Birkin

  1. I found this in Yahoo Japan! auction site, it says that it was a special order from the Paris store -- one of a kind. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share.. Personally, I would prefer a plain old vanilla birkin
  2. Wow, that is interesting. I'd prefer a plain one too but it's neat to see SO's and what they can do. :yes:
  3. I am personally looking for the Pikachu Birkin that Kou discussed in another thread!
  4. I want to see a picture of that too. Actually, if they can stencil Pokemon on a Birkin, I suppose that means they can stencil Gundam Wing too!!

    Oh, this brings me back to my anime days!!
  5.'s really interesting...I saw a Jewel Print on leather, Birkin once..but it looked a little bit on the cheap side...
  6. omg - that's so sad. i do remember this bag being talked about in tfs. this particular SO was so celebrated that photos of its creation were actually featured in the bi-annual hermes magazine! it was custom made to match a gorgeous kimono - for a highly revered VIP of course. *tsk, tsk* IMO - it's a very beautiful bag. i wonder what prompted her to sell it. *sigh*
  7. I didn't know that there was such a history behind it. When it was discussed at tfs, was it in the context of this sale? I did wonder whether the kimono pattern was being made to match....
  8. My god, it's gorgeous ! It's too bad it doesn't come with the matching kimono. Any more info about the bag's story ?
  9. I wish it's in pink. Pink kimono with fuchsia chevre leather for the solid part.

    Argh, I'm always so one-track-minded! It's so gorgeous though.
  10. Dare you to SO order that one!:graucho:
  11. That's if they let me SO anything at all ... My gosh, can you just imagine the artists trying to stencil all these Mecha Robots onto the bag?:roflmfao:
  12. I would prefer Hello Kitty personally (guaranteed to be a rage here!)
  13. A fuchsia Birkin with Hello Kitty stenciled? I'm surprised nobody has SO that yet.:smile:
  14. OH MY GOD, that would be a KILLER! :supacool:
  15. no - it was discussed as a prime example of some glorious work done for some celebrated clients in the past. i think this was done for a highly revered geisha but i could be wrong. contact taitai as she's the one who created the post. and btw, she's a great resource as she's an avid hermes fan herself. and her mother's personal collection is so stunning that Hermes themselves contacted her family directly regarding a particular exquisite piece that they created for her in the past. i think it was a box created back in the 80s. but i may be a bit off. alls i remember was that her mom wouldn't relinquish her purse. and taitai also metions the pickachu (sp?) bag that kou talks about. but back to the subject matter at hand... it just pains me to see such beautiful work go up for sale - especially after you consider all the effort done to have the bag made in the first place. oh well, i guess it's really up to the client's perrogative.