Asian horror movies

  1. All these lame American remakes frankly tick me off, I love movies like Ringu, Ju-on, One Missed Call, The eye...(all the originals of course) and then Hollywood makes these dumb downed versions....Grrr...

    Anyone else LOVE asian horror? I can not get enough! I love Asian cinema in general, but I gotta say I love a good scare!!
  2. you must check out some KOrean horrors. like not sure the exact names, but you can search on google...about the musician...
    _ the red shoes
    _ a tale of 2 sisters
  3. I watch a lot of korean horror too, I have seen two sisters, I also saw one recently called "cello".
  4. three extremes was freaky. i don't know if old boy would be considered horror, but that one was really good.

    the eye, the original version wasn't that great, imo. it had potential, but then it got boring to me.
  5. ^ Oldboy was gruesome, but i wouldn't consider it a horror movie. i didn't think it was scary at all, but rather violent and graphic. i agree, it was a really good movie! i've also watched other Park Chan Wook films like Sympanthy for Mr. Vengeance, and Lady Vengeance. awesome director!!

    i don't really watch horror movies very often, but i have seen a few Asian horror films, mentioned above, like The Ring, A Tale of Two Sisters, The Eye... etc. i have not watched any Hollywood remake, though... i just never had any interest to do so after already viewing the original.
  6. Infection, Wishing Stairs, Audition, I looove J- and K- horror! They are the most scary movies, because they do not rely on gore but on the psychological aspects.
  7. is this the musician one?
    those are scariest
    yeah i rather watch those w Mind thing rather than....zombies....:tup:
  8. No, Audition is when the man loses his wife and "Auditions" women for the role. ;)

    Let me find a link..
  9. I love it!! I've seen everything mentioned here except "Infection," because the bf & I thought the trailer didn't look very good. :shrugs:

    siworae-- I love the Vengeance trilogy!!
    I really hope the U.S. remake of Oldboy doesn't come out..ever.
  10. yeah i think that the asian version are much better too!!!
    i know a korean director who knows park chan wook personally, i was stunned when i heard that

    audition that i watched is the one directed by takashi miike (a cult japan director) who also made ichi the killer adn visitor Q
    great movies!
  11. Does anyone watch Asia Extreme on Sundance channel? (Sundays at midnight?)
    They played Face last week.
  12. The Eye's original version is so much scarrier. But so far, Shutter still tops my horror flick list. DH who would normally scare me after watching these kinds of film didn't even want to talk about it ahahhahaha it's that scary.
  13. ooooh! I haven't seen that one & Sundance will be playing that Sunday. :yahoo:
    I'm very excited. We are always disappointed when they play something we've seen or own (which is quite often). :wlae:
  14. I love Asian horror flicks, especially those from Japan & Korea but the remakes are so disappointing so I think were just better off reading subtitles.

    I know there's a Filipino movie that has been remade, The Echo(Sigaw), I hope it comes out good.
  15. I've heard about this. They hired the same actress who did the haunting on the original version, right?