Asian hair cut/styling help!

  1. Hey,this is my first post :smile:

    Right now, my hair is very straight as most asian hair are, but I want to have a little change and I was wondering i should perm my hair? (my hair have been short for a few years now)

    The pics down here show singers se7en and Rain, are those hair perm'ed and do they just have semi-long hair layered cut?
    Thank you very much!

  2. No, don't perm your hair, you will ruin it!

    If you want a little change, this may take some work, but in the end, you will be thankful that you didn't destroy your hair:

    1.) Try braiding your hair while it is still wet and letting it dry with the braids in--you will have a nice wave when you take the braids out.
    2.) Set your hair with curling sticks, then brushing your hair out so you get that wavy-ish look without the ringlets.
    3.) if your hair is too short to do either, you can use moulding mud or bed hed and just really muss your hair up--you will get the same effect.
  3. Ah - thanks for the info :yes:

    i didn't know perming my hair would damage my it a chemical product or something?

    because otherwise, how long does it takes to do all the curling stick and braids thing? I've never even touched one of those things :hysteric:
  4. Wow thanks alot!!!

    now i just need to find a hairstylist that can do one of those style...i don't know any lol
  5. I agree with The Snorks don't perm your hair, you'll regret it at the end. My boyfriend has naturally curly hair and hates with what you've got.:yes:
  6. Hi, I'm an asian guy too. You can get your hair layered and then get a treatment while at'll leave your hair much easier to style. you can PM me if you want me to recommend some products that i swear by...