Asian gals love Chanel

  1. I notice this too! I go to LV and chanel store in Champs Elysses in Paris and I notice that most of the customers there are asians..
  2. My observation is that lot of non-Asian tpfers seem to never have encountered the same brands that Asians living in Asia take for granted... if that makes sense :smile:
  3. I was under the impression that most tpfers are Asian! So maybe that's why. In real life, where I am now, I see mostly Arabs use Chanel.. even if 70% of the residence are expats.
  4. I have to agree with the person who said that Asian's like to wear brands. However I disagree about the whole not liking fashion bit. Other than that, this statement is very true.

    Asian families are usually brought up with the mentality that premier items such as Chanel, Mercedes, BMW's (to name a few) are thee items to get to show how "successful" one/family is. We are not at all flashy, materialistic or arrogant, it is just the way we were raised to think. This isn't at all some kind of negative attack, it is simply just the norm within our culture.

    In every single Asian show I watch, whether it be Korean, Japanese or Filipino dramas; the sight of Chanel and Louis Vuitton is abundant.

    Here in my City, it is mostly Asian and south Asian and yes, I frequently am in a room where there are at least 2 or 3 others carrying a designer bag. Whenever I visit Holt Renfrew, the sight of rich Asian/South Asian families searching for a new bag is quite normal to me. However, there are always other cultures too! =)
  5. I agree. I am Asian =)

  6. I disagree. I find that it is mainly the older generation that do that.
  7. Well, Asians make up the most populous race...
  8. Am Asian & am currently staying in an asian country...& in all seriousness I feel out of place...why? cos i do not carry my chanel bags all the was another example of what happens when I dressed in Bermudas, long sleeve linen top, carrying my Marc Jacobs/mulberry bag...

    I was standing at the chanel beauty counter...when i arrive at the counter, although there was no customer, i received no assistance. i had to walked up to the chanel assistants to ask for help, it was given grudgingly...then a lady walked in carrying a maxi jumbo chanel stood playing with the products, by that time, all the assistants were occupied, and suddenly she yelled for assistance, you should have seen how fast the assistants jump to attention, the assistant who was 'assisting' me had lost interest as soon as the chanel bag lady came by & went to the chanel bag lady aid...said sales assistant never did come back...

    i get no service when i am in the chanel boutique dressed in that similar manner...everything i asked to see is out of stock, whats in stock gets placed back onto the shelves before i can take a good look, or everything i asked to see is not available because its 'seasonal'...but i would check the tpf and see ladies having excess to the same models...

    and honestly, i notice that there's a difference when i dress up - i need the full arsenal to get a reaction from the sales assistants here...i also notice the majority of ladies carrying chanel bags in the street...
  9. Yes, there's a statistical reason why Chanel is seen a lot on Asians :yes::graucho: There's a lot of us; we're everywhere!
  10. I don't see too many asians carrying Chanel in my city.. I see LOTS of LV on asians though!
  11. Generally speaking i agree that Asian people are more aware of brand names in most categories Fashion, Jewelry, Car, food, neighborhoods with better schools (not a brand but you know what i mean)

    I think there are two categories:
    1. People who strive to have the best of everything, either as a status symbol or as an accomplishment. represented by the older generation, or people who can only afford a few nice things.
    2. People who love the brand and what it represent and how it fits with their fashion sense. I think you rarely see an asian woman with a Chanel flap or birkin in sweat pants. or at least maybe not much on the east coast. i think as an asian i do see purses as an addition to my outfit or a statement I want to make. (most ppl on tpf probably fall into this category) :smile:
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    Well said! I would put myself on the second category too.

    Considering Labels as a status symbol was not only the case for Asian culture.
    It has been existing from long ago when there were 'classes' between people.
    There is a reknowned study about "Conspicuous consumption" which started in Europe introduced by Veblen in 1899.
    this conspicuous consumption theory is about how people want to show off their status by owning certain goods. They want to feel they're 'in the class' by acquiring the goods.

    Therefore, there are still people tend to show off their 'class' by owning the labels. Regardless whether they are from the East and West.

    ITA: There is also a cultural difference that matters. Asian people are more conscious about what other people (especially their neighbors) think about themselve. The other way round, they are also conscious about what others' live like. So, luxury is quite important factor to make statement of their life to show others.
  13. I don't know about you guys but I bought my Chanel purses because I truly love them, not because I like brandname stuff and what not. Also, I believe Asian TPFers who have huge collections of Chanel bags or even those with modest collections do have a true passion for their purses as well, not for branding purpose. :winkiss: So please don't stereotype us.:peace:
  14. anh hey gals, the next time you are in a Chanel boutique, please take a count of how many Asian girls you see in there. You'll be amazed :yes:
  15. Where I live, majority of people who carries LV, Chanel or Hermes are Asians but I have noticed more and more non-Asians carrying LV these days. Personally, I love my LV, Chanel and Hermes bags, love the leather, the quality and I tend to prefer the more subtle designs as I do not really want the 'attention', just the enjoyment of my bags. I am NOT super rich, just a little above average, hence I work hard and save hard to enjoy my luxury. I am not interested in 'showing off' that I could afford them, in fact I normally refuse to disclose the price of my bags for fear of being judged.

    What I found though is that the 'westerners' here (if I may call them that) do like LV, Chanel and Hermes but they are a more practical bunch than me because they would much rather go for a good holiday or invest in something else than to spend that kind of money on a bag. Also, majority of them are more in fitness, wine, socialising, holidays, sailing, etc....sure they would lust after the luxury bags but the moment they hear the price, they just laugh and call it "ridiculous"! The ones that do carry luxury bags are usually very high up in the career ladder (established) and much older.

    Maybe it is just a different lifestyle and upbringing. And us Asians who are bringing up our family in Western countries, our children and grandchildren may slowly become more like the westerners of today....and not lust after luxury as much as we do.