Asian gals love Chanel

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  1. Just a random thought on a boring work day- I notice that a lot if not most TPFers with hardcore Chanel collections or reveals are Asian. I am Asian too (and no, I have only 2 Chanel purses) :biggrin:. Is it a fact that more Asians are into Chanel purses than other people? If we Asian people stop buying Chanel bags, then Karl L. may stop increasing the price.

    Can we start a count of how many Asian TPFers who are into Chanel please?:P
  2. my daughter notices it too. She sees LV and Chanels mostly on Asians. Shes like... are they the only ones that are into fashion?

    I am asian too.
  3. why don't you do a poll for those who do not wish to reveal can just check the correct box: asian or non-asian, LOL.
  4. LOL! People love Chanel whether Asian or not. Just like many say Asians love Rebecca Minkoff too.
  5. ^Great idea, burberryprncess. I am not Asian and I love Chanel. I currently have 24 Chanels so it is definitely not an Asian only thing.

    Thank goodness I purchased 95% of mine before the recent increases so I am pretty done with my Chanel collection now though and sticking with Bottega and maybe Hermes.
  6. Or maybe only asian girls love doing reveals on this forum???

    I'm asian too btw.
  7. Asian! and love Chanel :smile:
  8. lol I think the poll is a good idea!!! haha
  9. not saying that non-Asians don't like or buy Chanels, but a lot of revealers somehow almost always turn out to be Asian :jrs:
  10. ^So what exactly are you trying to accomplish or prove here? More than 95% of revealers on the Chanel forum are Asian? If so, best to start a poll. Many may not reveal they are asian so this thread would be pointless without a poll.
  11. I don't think Asians are very into fashion. They are more into brands...
    It's an Asian thing..most of us love to show off the brands.
    If Chanel wasn't Chanel, LV wasn't LV; if it weren't for the branding and marketing hype. I doubt many Asians will carry them just for the designs!
  12. A poll... YES!

    Some people living in Asian countries may not be Asians and some living in the West may be Asians too! Do you see it based on the located posted below our avatars?

    I'm in for the poll!
  13. not trying to accomplish or prove anything. I am Asian and I just want to know how many of us there are in this Chanel :broom:forum. It is something that I started to notice over time, and hey, if you are not Asian and into Chanel, the world is not a better or worse place. Chill!
  14. I don't know about Chanel but I found an interesting article (old - back in 2001) about LV. It says LV sold 2500 millions USD worldwide per year and 1000 mil was from Japan. Also Japanese bought 500 mil in abroad which makes total of 1500 million out of 2500 were by Japanese!
    I am Japanese and I do remember every time I visited LV stores in foreign countries, I could see at least 1-2 Japanese at store.

    Also I noticed that every time I go to Chanel boutiques, I see much more Asian customers than others.
  15. I guess it is a reason why design brands are more expensive in Asia in general and that's why the prices are most expensive in Japan.