Asian food recipes

  1. Hey
    i LOVE to cook:yes:
    But i want to start cooking some Oriental food
    my family are big on Chinese & Japanese food so i'm looking for some recipes!
    I love Noodles & Sushi but my family arnt big on the whole raw fish thing.
    So i was wondering does anyone know any good recipes??
    Websites for Oriental cooking or anything?
  2. "Oriental" food? I think you mean asian food...
    Not trying to start anything, but c'mon.
  3. OP may very well be from another country other than the US (the only country that makes a big deal between saying "asian" or "oriental"). People from other countries typically differentiate between "oriental" (japanese, korean, chinese, etc) and "asian" (indian, pakistani, etc).

    Having said that, there is actually a comprehensive recipe list on have so many interesting recipes beyond the boring "teriyaki chicken" and "sweet sour pork" routine! Have fun! :smile:
  4. Hey Sailor
    No i am not from the US.
    And i am sorry if i have offended anyone that was completely not my intention.

    Thanks! i will try that site :yes: