Asian eyelid surgery

  1. Yes, they are less asymmetrical but as I suspected long before, the crease is too low.
  2. Hi HongKongphooey, I was recommended later canthoplasty to make my eyes wider and to show more white part of my eyes, but as I look into internet, I found out the outer corner that is cut will close up eventually as the body try to heal itself. How's yours turn out ???
  3. I am planning to go Korea for doing revision and I sent an enquiry to jw after read your post. They responsed me so fast and very details. Jw is the fastest among other three clinics that I also sent emails over to. Answer me in very details and very reasonable price.

    However it does not have many before and after photos on their website. Would you mind share the photos to me via email or pm?
    Will they share their b&f photos to us while doing face to face consultation?

    Thank you for sharing your experience.
  4. i think asian eyes are beautiful... dont do it xx
  5. So you are thinking about going to Korea?? I am just thinking about getting a double eyelid in Korea (I am single eyelid :/), do you have any suggestions where to go?? Because I def don't want bad results lol!! PLMK!!:smile:
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    Anyone going to Seoul within the next two weeks, and would like to join me ?
    I'm going for double eye-lid surgery and am looking to see if there's anyone interested in teaming up for consultations & peer support.

    I have my flight booked from Sept 6 -24. (approx 2 weeks).
    if interested, plz email/pm me =D
  7. I don't think she's gonna reply :sleepy:
  8. Yeah Peggy Heng has just so-so results. You should check out this chick Hwang Jimin she went to
    Also this Chinese model went to Dr Kim, Byung Gun at BK
    again WOW, WOW, WOW
  9. Hey there! I am fairly new to the forum so I don't have PM yet...but would mind telling me which provider you are using? I just recently started researching clinics in Korea and the information is just overwhelming and I don't know where to begin :sad:

    Since you are staying for about 2 weeks are you thinking about doing some sight seeing in Korea too? I saw some providers have those surgery + traveling looks fun (I love traveling!!) but I want to hear if anyone has tried it before so I'll have a better idea ;)
  10. Oh my god !!!!!!! Both results are amazing !!!
    but the first girl's eyes are more of the contact lens than the eyes themselves.
    I personally like the chinese model's feature. more natural and real. :smile:
  11. Hi simpleplan123,

    I am going to seoul on 14thSep so maybe we can meet up:smile: I dont know how to pm in this maybe u can give me ur email?
  12. I send several clinics my photos for quotation, is it me or has prices kinda increase? Here's what i got from them.

    Banobagi: Eyelid 3.5 - 4 mios (create double eyelid + muscle). Doesnt know what they meant by muscle? Ptosis?

    Grand: Eyelid 1.6 - 2 mios (Natural adhesion method)

    BK: Double eyelid surgery: 1500~3000USD, excluding 10% of tax; Epicantoplasty: around 1000 USD.

    Im still waiting for some others to reply thou. Was wondering if there are clinics that more local korean goes to?

  13. Ok guys. I honestly need help/advices !!!
    Today's my first full day in Seoul and I've only managed to go through two consultations.
    So basically. I booked Teuim, Regen, and WonJin, but only managed to go to Regen and WJ due to looooong wait and time. I also miscalculated Teuim's location cause its farther away.

    Regen - i requested a Chinese consultant, and then got to see the doctor. Waited for nearly two hours despite having booked an appointment. Service was nice, the chinese consultation was patient, and didn't really pressure me. The doctor was nice and calm, but he looks exhausted and tired. They suggested the sewing method and then cutting the outer corner to lengthen my eyes by 2-3mm. Total is 2800000 won, roughly $2700 USD.

    WonJin - only saw the staff consultation. She suggested sewing method, and then pulling up the muscles at the top. She said my eyes would look kinda sleepy even if I did the double eyelid. I was kinda shocked when she told me that cause I didn't expect her to suggest it. She says the operation would take an hour which totally freaked me out. I asked if it was intrusive, and said no. I have not done any research on this muscle thing and it really scares me. Even though my Korean friend says its common, Im still unsure. The total cost is around $2500 USD.

    I'm very confused whether the surgery is necessary for that extra step. If I just stick with normal eyelid surgery, it will be ok but my friend says that can be done anywhere in Seoul, don't have to be big, pricey clinics.

    Please help me out on what I should do.
  14. I am a little confused about onfold (in and out fold) vs out fold. Can someone post a picture of a korean celebrity with an onfold?
  15. Flying off tonight to Taipei for consultation and possibly eyelid surgery.

    I have double eyelids but one left side has saggy skin and the lid line only starts from halfway and both are puffy. Will also be looking into my eyebags which have resurfaced after a lower bleph about 10 years ago.

    Will be consulting Dr Chen from regent and Dr chuang from wish aesthetic .

    Will revert when I m back from surgery