Asian eyelid surgery

  1. hey all-
    there have been some posts about this in the "asian nose job" thread

    Asian nose job - Page 61 - The Purse Forum

    and wanted to make a separate thread for it!!

    if anyone is interested or has gone through the procedure please let us know how it went! im thinking of going to Korea later this summer so if you have clinics/dr's/etc you'd like to recommend then please do so..!

    if anyone else is planning on getting this procedure then maybe we can talk about it or buddy up (it's cheaper in korea if you bring a buddy to the consults)
  2. Don't do sounds like a painful surgery!!
  3. Hi lvluv,

    I'll be there this winter to have eyelids and nose surgery, together wiz my other PS buddies. We will be going to Dr Kim in BK Clinic.

    How about you? Which Doc you intend to go to?
  4. Which procedure method are you going to go with?

    I've had both surgical and non-s DST done... in CALI.
    Several of my friends that had it done in Korea...ultimately had it redone or retouched as well.

    My best friend and I are planning on retouching this year... Korea or Cali (oc/la)~ :borg:
  5. I had mine done when I was 16 here in the US...then a couple years ago I went over to Seoul to have my calves done at Oz Clinic by Dr. Park and had revisionary eyelid surgery there, as well. I highly recommend Oz Clinic...they are great!! Let me know if you have any other questions!
  6. I'm planning on going to BK later this year for revision eyelid surgery.

    Kinda scared & excited at the same time.

    The surgery itself is not that bad, but the shots they put in your eye :wtf:
  7. Gurl, I hear ya. That was THE worst part!! I was squeezing the nurse's hand and she's like, "Your palms sweaty!!" in her broken english. LOL...
  8. LOL it is painful but thank goodness it was over quick. Since I had my nose done at the same time, I got shots in my nose as well and damn, my palms were like dripping wet! Gross I know but I'm starting to get sweaty palms just thinking about it :sweatdrop:
  9. hi ashmi99!! i'm planning on going to dr. park at Oz clinic as well~!! He's actually my first choice right now. How was he? in terms of bedside manner and temperament? I've corresponded with him via email several times and he seems pretty polite! which method did you have done? right now i'm planning on getting medial epicanthoplasty, where the inner corners of the eyes are cut to make them bigger and more open-looking. i'm soo excited~~

    i'm a college student, planning on going in september or so..right before fall term starts~! i know that if you bring buddies theyre more likely to discount~ right now i'm planning on going by myself, if anyone else is planning on going to seoul around that time then let me know~! I speak korean, though it is limited.. but I hear that dr. park is good at english too so i'm not *TOO* worried about it ^_^

    snosno- where in oc/la would you be getting it done? know of any reputable clinics?
  10. hi jang~! what are "PS buddies"? i've consulted with dr. kim @bk clinic via email... but i'm leaning heavily towards dr. park at Oz clinic because i've seen results of dr. park's work and that won me over~ plus it's much cheaper at Oz clinic for the procedure that i want (medial epicanthoplasty, i'm not planning on touching my eyelids at all actually).. dr. park charges about 600USD, and dr. kim charges about 1300USD for the same procedure.

    do you and your buddies speak korean? it would be convenient if we could hang out~~ hmm..
  11. Dr. Park is one of the sweetest,nicest men and doctors I've ever met. He actually did not do my eyelid surgery..there is another doctor there who specializes in revisionary surgery, so that doctor did it, but did a GREAT job. I'm sooo happy. I had the epicanthoplasty done here in the US...and just had it redone to make the fold a bit more prominent.

    I went with a friend from the UK. We both got our calves done and due to that surgery, we had to stay 2 weeks and have multiple checkups. Dr. Park picked us up from our hotel for the checkups and drove us to the clinic each time. His english is very good, so do not worry. The nurses are also sweethearts and know English pretty well. When we left, Dr. Park gave us a going away present (I guess we deserved it for the $$ we put in his pocket.) LOL. The eyelid surgery was a piece of cake compared to recovery from the calf procedure. You will be fine and I am sure you will love your results! Feel free to PM me, if you'd like!
  12. What are you all talking about? What is the eyelid surgery for? And what on earth is 'having calves done'??? :blink:

    Don't change your beautiful natural features, I love Asian eyes. :cry:
  13. Dr. Park himself or one of his asst's? Hey, either way that's great service! Especially if you spent alot of money with him. :p

    Btw, does epi surgery scar easily? I think I want that done too but I scar easily and I'm scared :amazed:
  14. I don't really have any scars from the eye surgery. The eye area heals very well. And yes, it was Dr. Park himself who picked us up. I'm not sure if he provides that service unless you get calf surgery done. The first week it was very difficult to walk and get around, so it made it easier with him picking us up and helping us get to the clinic.
  15. I hear dr park's really nice and looks after you guys before and after surgery.. what bugs me is.. how does he have soo much time to perform surgery AND look after most of his patients?! is he superman?!