Asian double eyelid surgery in NYC?

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  1. Hey all -
    this is my first post here. i hope this is not inappropriate....but....

    Can anyone recommend a good plastic surgeon for Asian double eyelid surgery in NYC? I am currently trying to decide between Dr. Edward Kwak and Dr. George C Yang. Has anyone had either of those two???? PLEASE SHARE!

    And please no haters....I would prefer not to discuss my decisions, just looking for recommendations!
  2. I have a fabulous plastic surgeon that I used for eyelid surgery and a nose job this past august, but he's in North Jersey, his name is Dr. Parker and he's in Paramus (really close to the city). I'm not asian but he was absolutely incredible and I highly recommend him.
  3. thanks!
  4. I would suggest you to see their track how many double eyelid surgery had they performed in the past?! There are few different types of surgery...sewing vs. cutting etc.