Asia in a few days, how much cash

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  1. should I have with me...I'm guessing we can use our cards for most things, but how much cash should we have on hand?

    (this is for singapore, bangkok and hong kong)
  2. oh , and one more question, if i like tea and coffee there, can i bring it back w/me in the checked luggage?
  3. Hmmm. IDK about the tea. Maybe call the airport and ask customs? I know there are diif rules for diff foods and countries (like you can't bring cheese from france).

    As for cash. I think about as much as you would carry here. Sing BK and HK are all big cities so there isn't much you couldn't be able to use your card for. Have some emergency and tip cash though.
  4. Tea and coffee yes you can so long as they are in dry form.

    As for cash, change over there, never carry large amounts of cash with you as you will regret it. HK, SG, and TH all have forex banks and reliable money changers located in convenient places, their rates are far better than in your home country or the airport.
  5. I guess the best bet is to keep about the equivalent of USD 1-200 in the local currencies of the cities you are visiting. That should cover taxi fares, tube/subway fares and misc expensives. Most restuarants (other than really local ones) and shops in HK / SG / THA take credit cards. A rare few don't take Amex tho.