Ashy bit/leather drying out on my bag--recs?

  1. Hi, all! :smile: I was hoping some of you had some recommendations on how to fix my bag. When I got my bag there was a small part that was more matte than the rest(the rest of the leather had a very fine sheen/glaze to it). I didn't think it was a big deal, but I noticed that that area seems to be drying out and has developed an ashy cast. Can anyone recommend a product to remoisturize that area or does anyone know if there is a service that re-applies that glaze?
    I've attached some pics, but it doesn't reflect how dry it's actually gotten. I think I need a better camera. lol.

    TIA! :flowers:
    close up TPF.jpg TPF 1.jpg TPF 2.jpg tpf 3.jpg
  2. Is that your new oxblood bag? I have a few ashy bits (from wear and tear) an older bag of mine.... maybe you can use some applegarde conditioner or the lubriderm?? Hopefully yours is just a bit dry and needs a little conditioning. I know I can't doing anything about my wear and tear as the leather has physically worn a bit.
  3. Hi, Murasaki! Yup, it's my new Oxblood bag. I didn't think about Lubriderm! d'oh! *slapping forehead with hand* lol. It's definitely done a fantastic job on for all the PFers here in revitalizing their bags!:yes: I'll have to pop in the store today to pick up a bottle. How old is your bag? Maybe the drying is normal, then? Maybe mine dried out faster because that part of the leather was missing that slight "sheen"/glaze... Thanks for your help, Murasaki!:flowers:
  4. I have to say that is slightly disappointing as it is so new. It'll definitely look fine once you condition it, but it really shouldn't look that way already.
  5. Thanks, Chigirl--I called Daphne at BalNY and asked if they could recommend a product to stop the drying and she said they do not recommend any products at all. She said that the leather is an organic thing and that it changes with age. She said it's natural and adds to the bag. She's right, I suppose, but I still want it to be nice and luxe like the rest of my bag. lol. I'm kinda picky like that, I guess. lol. It just looks kinda wonky the way it's ashy in just one part of the bag. lol.
  6. Yeah I agree with chigirl... or even yet, maybe you can just exchange it? Let us know what you are going to do. My bag is from 2004 and I got it in pre-loved condition but it still in good condition. The wear is on the bottom corner and back of the bag. I don't think it's from it drying out though but it has a slight ashy apperance.
  7. Well, they asked for pics so I sent the ones I posted here. She thinks it's normal, though. So, I was hoping to find a way to fix it myself.
  8. This is off topic- but isn't it so cool how the color looks so different in each picture!!! I love that about these bags!
  9. That's what I love about the Oxblood color! It looks like a pretty rubyish garnet dark red in the direct sunlight and then it looks like a deep burgundy red indoors. It's a beautiful color! :heart:
  10. I mailed it back to BalNY today for an exchange. The bag I get in return has to be better because I can't exchange it again. I included a note that was specific and asked for the leather to not be dried out, not to be super dull/matte, or ashy at all in any parts(basically an even very light sheen, minimal natural looking distressing, and thick leather). I also asked her to call me when they get the bag and I'm going to use Esile's wonderful description to make sure I get the perfect leather this time. I just hate that I'm coming off so picky. I don't mean to. :cry:
  11. pupster, i hope that everything works out in the end for you. you did the right thing by exchanging it. you have every right to be picky. anyone of us would be. after all, it is alot of money to put down on something you fell unsure about. the most important thing is that you're happy in the end. when you get your new and perfect grenat first, we want to see pics. *hugs*
  12. No, no, no! Don't feel guilty! You should get the bag you deserve. YOu've done the right thing.
  13. I agree with esile. It's too much money to worry about being picky. I hope they send you back a perfect one! :flowers:
  14. Thanks, Esile, Murasaki, and MK! :flowers: I feel so much better now. :heart: I feel so guilty having to exchange again, but I felt so bummed everytime I looked at that ashy bit. I even stopped using it after couple times because I was afraid of making it worse. lol. I'll definitely post pics of my new bag when I get it. I'm also thinking of upgrading to a City in the Rouge Vif color now, thanks to you, Esile! I was sooo bummed that NM SF wasn't getting them in stock so I think getting it from BalNY will be my best bet. :yes:
  15. yay! go for the rouge vif city! i mean, grenat is a beautiful color too. it's more on the conservative side. it depends on what you're looking for. rouge vif is a fun color. it's fabulous and really stands out. you'll love it too.